The Micro-Cube is roughly 10m2 and offers a unique experience by virtue of a panoramic window that makes up one side of the cube. The Micro-Cube is a contemporary design with a double bed, two chairs, and a table. Visitors will need to bring their own cooking equipment and bedding. Cooking is prohibited inside the accommodation. Plan ahead to be equipped for colder days as this accommodation is not heated. Washrooms and showers nearby. Maximum 2 adults. No additional camping units allowed. Dining tent permitted.


New launch date: January 14, 2019 at 8:00 am CST

Available May 9 - October 13, 2019

Campground Reservations




What do I need to bring for my stay in the Micro-Cube?

For your stay in the Micro-Cube you should bring your sleeping bag (or bedding), pillow, food, cooking equipment, toiletries, and any other equipment that you need for the length of your stay. Pets are not allowed in the Micro-cube.

How Long Can I stay in the Micro-Cube?

Minimum three night stay on long weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). There is a two night minimum stay for the Micro-Cube during the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights). Outside weekends there is no minimum or maximum length of stay.