Quick Facts

  • MANDATORY AIS INSPECTIONS are required for all watercraft, including motorboats, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and inflatables entering RMNP waters. This includes Clear Lake, South Lake, and all outlying lakes (Deep Lake, Lake Audy, Moon Lake, Whirlpool Lake & Lake Katherine) as well as all streams and rivers. The service is free of charge and watercraft passing inspection will receive a permit from Parks Canada (Inspection schedule).

  • Zebra mussels were first confirmed in Manitoba in Lake Winnipeg in 2013 and there is a high threat that they will spread to other lakes in the province. By working closely with visitors to keep this destructive invasive species out of park waters, Parks Canada is standing up for Canada by ensuring both the ecological integrity of our treasured spaces and their enjoyment by present and future generations.

  • Riding Mountain National Park is working with the four western provinces (MB, SK, AB, and BC) to prevent the spread of zebra mussels, and with Manitoba CWS on general aquatic invasive species concerns.

  • Zebra mussels have caused millions of dollars in damage in eastern Canada and will cost the North American economy billions of dollars to control. Once they enter a body of water, it is nearly impossible to control them.

  • Zebra mussel infestation is a problem that can have significant impacts on the tourism industry and recreational activities such as boating, swimming and fishing.

  • Adult zebra mussels can survive out of water up to 30 days depending on temperature and humidity. Zebra mussel veligers (larvae) are not visible to the naked eye and can survive in very little water.