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  3. A member of the AIS team will grade your quiz.
  4. Once you have submitted your quiz, you have completed the online portion of the course.
  5. Report to the Boat Cove for your mandatory watercraft inspection. There, an AIS inspector will go over your quiz with you and answer any questions you may have.
  6. Once the inspection is complete, you will sign the seasonal permit contract form and receive your training certificate. You will then be issued your seasonal AIS permit for your watercraft and an AIS inspector will apply a 2021 sticker to your watercraft.
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This quiz is not meant to trick you. If you read through the course material, you will pass the quiz. Once you have completed the quiz (all questions must be answered), please ensure that you hit "submit". If you do not, our inspectors will not receive the confirmation that you have finished the course and will not be able to give you a seasonal permit.

1) What is the purpose of the aquatic invasive species (AIS) program in Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP)?


2) Other than zebra mussels, what other AIS are the inspectors looking for when conducting their thorough watercraft inspections?


3) Who is responsible for issuing watercraft inspection permits in (RMNP)?


4) Aside from AIS inspections, what other methods are used at RMNP to prevent the introduction of AIS?


5) What information should watercraft operators know about their watercraft before coming for a RMNP AIS Inspection?


6) On average, how long does it take for an AIS Inspection to occur?


7) How long does it take for an AIS Decontamination to occur?


8) How can AIS negatively affect Riding Mountain National Park?


9) What can watercraft operators do to make sure AIS Inspection and Decontamination times do not interrupt watercraft enjoyment?


10) Does a provincial watercraft inspection replace a Riding Mountain National Park AIS Inspection?


11) Do I have to have my watercraft re-inspected if I leave RMNP and launch in a water body outside the park & return back to launch in RMNP?


12) What should you do if you catch a Smallmouth Bass?


13) How often am I expected to get my watercraft inspected?


14) Where is Whirling Disease found in Canada?


15) Can you apply for a Seasonal Permit, and then let a friend use it for their own watercraft?


16) What is the maximum fine that can be issued to a visitor who launches in RMNP without an inspection?


17) Which of the following statements about Spiny waterflea are true?


18) Which waterbody is currently infested by Zebra Mussels in Manitoba?


19) Where have Zebra Mussels infested waters?


20) How are AIS introduced to new waters?


21) What makes zebra mussels hard to detect?


22) Which statement about invasive aquatic plants is true?


23) What kind of impact can invasive aquatic invertebrates have?


24) Which of the following statements about bait in RMNP is true?


25) What can I do as a Riding Mountain National Park visitor to help prevent AIS?


26) My watercraft is stored outside of RMNP, therefore I am not eligible for a seasonal permit


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