Wasagaming Townsite – Information update – COVID-19

The health and safety of Canadians, visitors and Parks Canada team members is our top priority. We are following the advice of public health experts and taking steps to support the Government of Canada’s efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce risks to visitors, employees, residents and other users of Parks Canada spaces.

Parks Canada is asking Canadians to stay home. Anyone considering a visit to a Parks Canada location should cancel their plans

Effective 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and until further notice, Parks Canada is temporarily suspending all motor vehicle access by visitors at all national parks, including Riding Mountain National Park. All visitor services are suspended and all facilities are closed. This includes parking lots, trails, washrooms, showers, visitor centres, as well all camping facilities including oTENTiks, other roofed accommodations and backcountry camping are closed.

Please visit pc.gc.ca a/riding and follow Parks Canada’s social media channels for information and updates on the status of all Parks Canada places.  https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/mb/riding/visit/covid-19-info

Following is some information specific to Riding Mountain National Park:

Will cabin, cottage and business owners have access to their properties on April 1, 2020?

Parks Canada is strongly encouraging residents to follow government direction and stay home where possible. While there may be a barricade you can access your cabin/cottage or business. Parks Canada is asking that visitors support the Canada’s efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. Please stay home and cancel any non-essential travel.

Can contractors continue to deliver services for Wasagaming Townsite and the North Shore?

Commercial and through traffic in national parks are not impacted by this temporary suspension nor is vehicle access for park residents. This means that motor vehicle access to national parks, like Riding Mountain, for business purposes like residential construction is not suspended at this time. Residents who have commissioned construction work on their residential properties should, of course, have obtained all necessary construction permits and permissions in advance. Residents and businesses alike should follow the advice of public health experts with regard to hygiene and physical distancing.

Will water service be available?

Water turn on services will continue to be the responsibility of the lessee and may be weather dependent as per seasonal circumstances. Curb stop turn on requests can be made by leaving a message at 204-848-7275 and someone will return your call to arrange a time to meet you. Service delays maybe limited due to current capacity.

Will there be a washroom and shower open for use?

All washroom facilities throughout the park are closed at this time. The shower building and all other individual washroom buildings, kitchen shelters in the cabin area and campgrounds are closed. Parks Canada will re-evaluate this closure on an ongoing basis.

What services are available?

A limited capacity for critical services is in place for the provision of water, sewer and garbage services to the Wasagaming townsite. Snow plow operators are on standby to clear highways and roads as required. Playgrounds, trails, and access to general public park facilities are closed to visitors.

What emergency services are active?

  • The RCMP, Parks Canada Law Enforcement, Fire Department and Ambulance Services are all active. Please dial 911 in a life threatening emergency.
  • For safety, wildlife, or wildfire incidents call Parks Canada dispatch 1-877-852-3100
Can I still get a building permit, business licence or other paperwork related to my lease?

Townsite staff are monitoring telephone and e-mail messages away from the office. Leaseholders can expect some delays in obtaining permits or other documentation. All efforts are being made to complete these types of transactions in a timely manner.

Please contact the following staff for:

  • Business Licence inquiries: koreen.miko@canada.ca
  • Lease transaction inquiries: jacquie.pereira@canada.ca
  • Development permit inquiries: allison.bardsley@canada.ca

  • Townsite Manager: (204) 848-7243, kevin.bachewich@canada.ca
How do I make a payment for Parks Canada invoices?

  • Via credit card at (204) 848-7275; If no one is available via phone please leave a message and we will get back to you.
  • By mail: Riding Mountain National Park, Box 299, Onanole, MB R0J 1N0
Are businesses in Wasagaming open?

Local services are limited at this time. Our business community has been responding to this situation in a responsible way. Individual businesses are making their own decisions regarding opening.

Parks Canada is strongly encouraging residents to follow government direction and stay home. We must all do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce risks to visitors, employees, and all users of Parks Canada spaces.

When does Parks Canada plan to reassess the closure?

Parks Canada is monitoring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and is working with the Public Health Agency of Canada, the federal government lead on the virus, and other partners to respond to COVID-19 and mitigate risks to employees and visitors. Parks Canada will re-evaluate this closure on an ongoing basis and will communicate regularly.

A complete list of Parks Canada closures and the parameters of the closures is available on the Parks Canada website. Please visit pc.gc.ca and Parks Canada’s social media channels for information and updates on the status of all Parks Canada places.

Wasagaming is a picturesque townsite with interesting heritage and architecture, the perfect place to stay when exploring Riding Mountain National Park. Camping, accommodation rentals, recreational and watersports complimented by great dining and shopping are all conveniently located on the shores of Clear Lake and nature’s doorstep.

Please call the Realty Administration staff if you have questions about any of these areas:

  • Residential and Commercial
  • Development and Building Applications
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Leases and Licences of Occupation
  • Business Licencing Services
  • Guiding and Outfitting Licencing Services
  • Utility Billing
  • Stakeholder Groups

A complete list of Parks Canada Fees can be found in the
Canada Gazette


Hours of operation
Temporarily closed
Parks Canada Administration Office
Riding Mountain National Park
135 Wasagaming Drive
Wasagaming, MB

Phone: 204-848-7275
Email: pc.info-riding@canada.ca
Important bulletins (Public Notices) when the situation requiring a notice arises


When is a Permit Required?

  • Constructing, altering or renovating any building, garage or accessory structure such as a shed or a deck
  • Connection to the water/sewer system
  • Demolishing or moving a building
  • Expanding or renovating your store, shop, office or commercial enterprise
  • Changing the use of a lot or building
  • Installing, changing or relocating a sign
  • Changing the landscaping or grading (including tree removal)

Why are permits important?

Obtaining the proper permits for your project ensures that your project complies with Parks Canada’s plans, policies, park guidelines and environmental impacts.

To reach a development officer, please call 204-848-7275 or email Riding Mountain National Park. Meetings are available by appointment only.

When is a Sign Permit Required?

A sign permit is required to install, alter or relocate any sign including wall/window and hanging signs, canopy/awning signs, directory and menu signs and free standing signs.

Guiding Legislation/Regulations links

National Parks Buildings Regulations

National Parks of Canada Cottages Regulations

National Parks Signs Regulations

Wasagaming Community Plan


Please contact us for additional information including building guidelines for the cabin and cottage area.



Our Realty office will assist you with all aspects of leases and licences of occupation for cabin, cottage, north shore and commercial areas.

Please contact us when:

  1. Updating your mailing address and/or other contact information.

  2. Selling or buying (commonly called Assignment of Lease). This includes:
    1. All lessees selling to another person or persons, or a corporation.
    2. One or more lessees selling their Tenant in Common share of the lease.
    3. Removing names from a lease, or adding names to the lease.
    4. The sale of shares of a commercial lease.
  3. Circumstances that will affect your lease:
    1. Changing your legal name due to marriage, divorce or other.
    2. A lessee has passed away.
    3. Change the tenancy stated on your lease (between Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common).
    4. Changing directors with signing authority (when the lease is held by a corporation).
    5. The lessee’s control and authority has been given over to a Public Trustee or Guardian.
  4. Power of Attorney giving authority to others to manage your lease or other form of written instruction.
  5. Estate planning – options for your specific lease.
  6. Commercial Lessees are transacting with tenants and need to register a sublease.
  7. Mortgaging your lease and/or discharging an existing mortgage. All mortgages must be registered with Parks Canada.

Please note that assignments and mortgages are NOT registered with the Manitoba Land Titles Office and must be submitted to the Parks Canada office only.

Please contact the Realty office with these or any other questions.

Gazetted Fee’s for Riding Mountain National Park Lease and Licences

Assignment of Lease/Licence of Occupation 98.10
Consent to Financing Agreement 98.10
Renewal of Lease/Licence of Occupation 98.10
Surrender of Lease/Licence of Occupation 98.10
New Lease/Licence of Occupation 98.10
Permit for the Supply of Water 98.10
Amending Agreement 98.10
Letter of Undertaking 98.10
Sublease/Sublicence of Occupation 98.10
Easement 98.10
Right of Way 98.10
Court Order 98.10
Change of Name of Document Holder 24.50
Processing of Death Certificate 14.70
Probate of Will 14.70
Corporate Amalgamation 98.10
Negotiated Agreements, up to and including 20 hours 490.60
Negotiated Agreements, more than 20 hours 981.30
Land Use Permit 98.10
New Site Plan Attached to a Licence of Occupation 98.10
Revision of Site Plan Attached to a Licence of Occupation 98.10
Certified Copy of Document 14.70
Copy of Plan (Whiteprint) 14.70
Photocopies, per page 0.90
Letter or Any Other Non-statutory Instrument 24.50
Research Conducted on Behalf of the Public, per hour (one hour minimum) 24.50
File or Information Search, per hour (one hour minimum) 24.50
Any Other Realty Transaction Certificate or Document 98.10
Permits and Licences

Working in Riding Mountain National Park

National Parks of Canada Businesses Regulations

Business licences

A business licence is required for all businesses, companies, guides and/or outfitters prior to operating in Riding Mountain National Park.

Parks Canada issues the following licences and permits:

  • Business licences
  • Guiding/Outfitters licences
  • Special events permits

** Each contractor and sub-contractor requires their own business licence to work in the park. **

New Business Proposal: If you are proposing a new business in Riding Mountain or changing the scope of an existing business please contact us.

Changes to your business licence

Please contact us for any of the following business changes:

  • Transfer to another owner (a new business licence application must be completed by the new owner)
  • Change to business name or contact information
  • Change of address or work site location
  • Change to nature of the business
  • Addition to the existing business

Business Licence Renewals

Business licence renewals will be processed on or after April 1st of each year. Parks Canada will send a renewal letter and invoice late in March with instructions on how to renew your licence.

Most common business licence fees in Riding Mountain National Park

Non-Resident Contractor 98.10
Trades – each tradesperson 7.80
Clothing Store 98.10
General Merchandising 235.50
Tour Business, Bus Service 44.10
Visitor Accommodation 98.10
Other Business Licence 58.80