There’s nothing like a campfire in the forest, but now whether you are camping in the Wasagaming Campground or relaxing at home, you can join us! Welcome to our Virtual Campfire series. A time to explore family favourites, such as sing along songs, species-at-risk, and indigenous song, craftwork and stories.

Every week, we’ll be featuring three different campfire experiences to brighten up your weekend. Best of all – they’re free! Email us and register to join in (on your computer or mobile device) from your backyard, tent or blanket fort!

Species-at-Rick’s - Friday at 7 pm

Follow the quirky character Rick as he explores the stories of a few of RMNP's more interesting characters – animals that are species-at-risk. The globe-trotting Monarch Butterfly, a musical Trumpeter Swan and a sleepy Western Tiger Salamander are among the cast in this webisode series that involve live music and laughs for the whole family.

Species-at-Rick’s: The Trumpeter Swan’s Swan Song – July 10th, 2020

Species-at-Rick’s: Stinky the Salamander – July 17th, 2020

Species-at-Rick’s: Monarch and the Milkweed Highway – July 24th, 2020

The Animals that Change the World - Saturday at 7 pm

How do animals change the world?! Many animals in Riding Mountain are really super-animals -- they can change the world around them for the better! How does a beaver prevent wetlands from disappearing? How can a wolf help to create happy herds of elk and healthy aspen forests? Join us Saturdays at 7pm to discover more about the incredible animals of the park.

Animals that Change the World: Black Bears – Don’t Care! – July 11th, 2020

Animals that Change the World: Wild Wild Wolves – July 18th, 2020

Animals that Change the World: Zee boldest Bison – July 25th, 2020

Anishinabe Sewing, Stories and Songs - Sunday at 7 pm

Join the indigenous interpreters for a series of webisodes that showcase Guhdoochiigeh - sounds of the Anishinabe fiddle, and Oozhitoon - an Anishinabe craftwork tradition called quillwork. Come to watch, listen and enjoy yourself as you explore the art that makes the Anishinabe culture shine.

Anishinabe Sewing, Stories and Songs: Guhdoochiigeh (Sounds of the Anishinabe fiddle) – July 12th, 2020

Anishinabe Sewing, Stories and Songs: Guhdoochiigeh (Sounds of the Anishinabe fiddle) – July 19th, 2020

Anishinabe Sewing, Stories and Songs: Oozhitoon (Anishinabe quillwork) – July 26th, 2020


Send an email to to register! Limit of 25 participants.

Things to Bring: For some programs, you may need a pen/pencil/crayon and paper. You can always bring imagination and fun!