Head deep into the beating heart of the wild fescue prairie. Climb, hike or mountain bike the Manitoba Escarpment whose 65 million year-old rocks soar to almost the same height of Toronto’s CN Tower. See the lush lowlands of the prairie spread out below, a vivid picture of glossy green leaves and sandy-buff rocks as you work up a sweat along the 11.5km loop of Reeve’s Ravine trail.

This morning when you set off, dew was still fresh on the prairie grass and you enjoyed a moment watching a family of moose grazing in a meadow. Tomorrow you’ll hike to a new summit and discover the beauty of Gorge Creek, striding through the Aspen forest, past Beaver-filled lakes. Later as you head back to the campsite for an evening of stories, songs and delicious food cooked on a campfire, look up and you may spy a Great Grey Owl swooping overhead.

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