Abbot Pass Alpine Hut is a welcome sight for hardy mountaineers in the Canadian Rockies. Reaching the col is a challenge but the view from the hut is worth every step. Surrounded by the peaks of Mounts Lefroy and Victoria overlooking glaciers and alpine passes of Alberta and British Columbia it is truly a mountaineer’s paradise.

Abbot Hut was built by hand in 1922 by Swiss mountain guides using locally quarried, hand-cut stone and supplies ferried by boat, carried on horseback and on foot to the 2925 metre (9598 feet) col (or pass). The stone hut blends with the background and has withstood a century of snowstorms and gale force winds. The sturdy design and connection to the golden age of Canadian mountaineering made it a national historic site.

Built in classic Rustic Design Tradition, the one-and-a-half storey building has only the bare essentials. A kitchen, eating area and small area for sleeping but everyone enjoys its charm. Reservations must be made through the Alpine Club of Canada, which generously operates and maintains the hut in partnership with Parks Canada.