BEAR WARNING: Little Yoho Valley trails and area

Issued: July 14, 2020

WHAT:  Special caution is recommended while travelling or camping in this area due to the following:

WHERE: Little Yoho Valley Trail and area including: North end of Iceline Trail, Celeste Lake and Whaleback Trails, Marpole Connector, Laughing Falls, Twin Falls Campground, Twin Falls Chalet and Tea House, and Stanley Mitchell Hut.

WHY: Grizzly bears frequenting the area.

If you see a bear, do not approach, give the bear space and report to campground staff or call Banff dispatch at 403.762.1470

·  Watch for bears and avoid them

·  Make noise to alert bears of your presence

·  Supervise children playing outdoors

·  Travel in groups

·  Carry bear spray

·  Keep all pets on a leash

· Keep campsites clean


Start date: 2020-07-14
End date:  Until further notice