In 2020 Lake O’Hara is accessible by hike in/out only. Parks Canada is not operating the Lake O’Hara shuttle this season. Information for 2021 reservations will be provided as it becomes available

This unparalleled hidden gem is home to exquisite hanging valleys, jewel-blue lakes and breathtaking vistas. An excellent trail network for the region is maintained by the Lake O’Hara Trails Club and Parks Canada. Access to this sensitive alpine area is limited to provide high-quality and meaningful experiences for visitors and maintain Lake O’Hara’s unique alpine environment. Plan early - reservation access for bus and camping has changed for 2020.

Plan a trip

There are four ways to visit the Lake O'Hara area. Find everything you need to know to plan your best Lake O’Hara trip. Reservations are required, learn how to book your trip. 

Trail descriptions

Lake O’Hara is a collection of exquisite lakes and hanging valleys linked by a well-marked and well-maintained trail network.

Le Relais

The Lake O'Hara Trails Club operates Le Relais during the hiking season in cooperation with Lake O’Hara Lodge.