Important: Dogs are not allowed in the summit area (this includes dogs in vehicles) and backcountry of Mount Revelstoke National Park.

Mount Revelstoke National Park offers you the extraordinary experience of driving a paved road from an elevation of 470 metres on the Trans Canada Highway to 1835 metres at Balsam Lake.

Winding 26 kilometres uphill, the Meadows in the Sky Parkway takes you through forests of cedar and hemlock, spruce and fir to the renowned subalpine wildflower meadows of Mount Revelstoke National Park.

Easy strolls as well as longer hikes begin at the Balsam Lake parking area and the summit. To prevent damage to this mountain-top environment, you are asked to stay on the system of marked trails only. The subalpine vegetation of the Meadows area is extremely fragile and the growing season is very short.

During the brief snow-free season (usually early July to late September), the Summit Shuttle Bus transports visitors between the parking area at Balsam Lake and the summit area. The summit offers rare mountain-top hiking, strolling, picnicking and photography opportunities. A historic firetower crowns the summit.

Hours and seasons of operation for Parkway and Summit Shuttle Bus

Parkway roadside viewpoints

Meadows in the Sky Parkway roadside viewpoints
  Name Distance Description of view
 A Revelstoke 5km The City of Revelstoke and Mount Begbie
 B Rainforest 6.5km A quiet mountainside creek
 C Monashee 8km The Columbia River, Monashee Mountains and Eagle Pass
 D Columbia 12km The Selkirk Mountains and Columbia Valley
 E Eagle Pass 13km Eagle Pass and the Monashee Mountains
 F Bridge Creek 16km Mount Mackenzie and Albert Peaks
 G Panorama Point 24km Illecillewaet and Columbia River valleys


The parkway is narrow and has tight switchbacks that are unsuitable for vehicles over 7.9 metres (26 feet) in length.

The following vehicles are not permitted on the parkway:

  • Buses and recreational vehicles (RVs) over 7.9 metres (26 feet) in length
  • Towed trailers or towed vehicles: these may be dropped off at the Nels Nelsen Historic Area, 0.5 km up the parkway from the Trans-Canada Highway.