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Bear tents

Curious about bears? Visit our bear tents for bear and wildlife safety information. There is a bear tent at the Illecillewaet trailhead in Glacier National Park and at Mount Revelstoke Summit area.

June 27 - September 2, 2019

Afternoon strolls & walks

1:00 pm Thursday - Tuesday | Illecillewaet campground kiosk (unless otherwise noted)

The Forest Community | Sundays

If you walk in the forest by yourself, are you truly alone? Learn about new, ground-breaking research and the interconnected forest.  You’ll never look at trees the same way again!

Wild Women in the Selkirks | Mondays

Come learn about the bold women that pushed social boundaries by climbing in the Selkirk mountains in the early 1900’s.

The Weird World of Lichens | Tuesdays

What the heck are lichens? Join Ben on a stroll to look at the tiny world of magical lichens like pixie cups, witch’s hair and fairy up-chuck.

Peak Speak | Thursdays

Learn the names of the peaks, rivers and glaciers and the park stories behind these names.

Asulkan Bear Hike | Fridays & Saturdays

Discover the secret world of bear signs with Larry. Look for bear trails, scat and tracks. This is a 2hr moderately strenuous hike part way up the Asulkan Valley trail. Meet at the Illecillewaet Campground Kiosk at 1pm. Group size is limited to 20.

Evening campfire programs

6:30 pm Thursday - Monday | Illecillewaet campfire circle, near the picnic shelter

Railway History: CP Rail, a US Tale & BC Confederation | Sundays

Find out how the railway found it’s way to Rogers Pass, forever changing this country we now call Canada.

Whitebark Pine – Teetering on the Edge | Mondays

Whitebark pine is an endangered species with a fascinating story. Come learn about how this tree helps many other species, including its soul mate, the Clark’s nutcracker.

Bears with Ben | Tuesdays

Nervous about bears? Or just want to know more about them? Learn all about our local black and grizzly bears – check bear tracks, skulls, skins, scat (poop) and take the bear quiz.

Starting July 24 – Night Sky Observations | Wednesdays

Peer through a large telescope and learn about the night sky with our special guest from Columbia Stars. *Skies must be clear. Meet behind the campground Kiosk after sunset. Dim your flashlights as you get close, or use a red light.

First Ascents of the Canadian Alps | Thursdays

Rogers Pass is considered the birthplace of North American mountaineering. Learn about the adventurous men and women climbing these steep peaks in the early 1900s.

Wolverine | Fridays

Learn more about this elusive, and surprisingly social, creature that roams the wildest areas of our parks.

Campfire Sing-a-long | Saturdays

One of our best-loved programs. Bring your voice and prepare for a fun night of music, songs and Glacier National Park history!