What to know before you visit

Parks Canada is investing an unprecedented $3 billion over five years into infrastructure improvements to heritage, visitor, waterway and highway assets located within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada.

In Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, a number of exciting projects are underway, including the creation of a new multi-use path announced as part the Government of Canada’s Budget 2016. While these projects may cause some inconvenience to visitors, and sometimes look pretty unsightly, the work is very important and will help visitors enjoy and explore the national park reserve for many more years to come. We appreciate the patience of visitors and the local communities while we work on these projects.

Projects in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: 

Pacific Rim Highway – Safety improvements

The safety improvements on the Pacific Rim Highway scheduled over winter 2019 are nearing completion. Thus far, alder trees that were identified as hazardous and considered a public safety and maintenance concern were removed because they were either leaning towards or overhanging the highway, or encroaching on the highway’s clear-zone. Some of the removed trees were provided to local First Nations and others  have been chipped for use in the national park reserve.

Schooner Cove Trail – Boardwalk improvements

Schooner Cove Trail and parking lot, in the Long Beach area will be temporarily closed from Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 until January 2019 in order for Parks Canada to complete necessary repairs to the boardwalk. Please use caution when visiting Schooner Cove from Incinerator Rock and Long Beach access points. Always check the tides before heading out as some sections of Schooner Cove are impassable at high tides and access may be dangerous during winter storms.

Check storm advisories, warnings and closures in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve before you visit.

Logan Creek Bridge, West Coast Trail

The Logan Creek suspension bridge is located approximately 19 km from the Gordon River Trailhead on the West Coast Trail. Work has begun to replace the existing 75 metre bridge with a 113 metre bridge upstream of the current site. The existing bridge will continue to provide hikers with a way to cross Logan Creek until the new bridge is operational in 2019.

Washrooms at Long Beach South and Green Point Campground

Work is underway to replace the washrooms at Long Beach South and two of the washroom buildings at Green Point campground. At Long Beach South you should expect to see fencing and work crews. Construction at Green Point campground will take place while the campground is closed for the season so there should be no disruptions to visitors.

Rainforest Trail Pacific Rim highway crossing

Parks Canada is planning some improvements to the crosswalk area that connects the two halves of the Rainforest Trail. This work will increase the safety of visitors as they cross the Pacific Rim Highway to get to Rainforest Trail A and the beautiful boardwalks that wind through the coastal rainforest. This winter, drivers on the Pacific Rim Highway should expect some short delays and alternating traffic in this area while work is underway.

Grice Bay road

Two paddlers on Grice bay

Over the last two years Parks Canada has been making improvements to Grice Bay Road including hazard tree removal, culvert replacements, slope stabilisation and drainage enhancements. This important work will ensure ongoing access to the boat launch and day use area at the end of Grice Bay Road. In 2019, this work will continue with culvert replacement and repaving work. This work will improve salmon movement and water drainage in the area.



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