Creature of the month

Deer bedding down in grass 

November – Deer
Look who’s moved into the neighborhood.

November is mating time for deer. Most of the year, if you see coastal black-tailed deer they’re likely to be does (females), as bucks (males) tend to be more secretive. Not this month. Throughout November, bucks can be seen wandering about in search of does, ignoring their usually secretive nature. Bucks will fight for does, becoming so active and so aggressive they are called “rut crazed.” It’s a really bad time to get near them.

Welcome to a complex place

When you visit Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, you are visiting an area that is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Your behavior can have an impact on the safety of wildlife, ourselves, and other park visitors.

The Nuu-chah-nulth Nations have lived in harmony with these animals for generations. We can learn a lot from their values of Iisaak (loosely translated as respect) for the landscape and its inhabitants.

Wildlife camera photo of two wolves Keep the “Wild” in Wildlife
Bears, wolves, and cougars live here too! Find out how to live in harmony with these coastal carnivores.

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