Under the Canada National Parks Act, businesses conducting any part of their operation within the National Park MUST obtain a national park business license.

In consultation with park stakeholders, operating standards for most commercial ecotourism activities within the park have been developed. These operating standards include environmental best practices and accepted safety standards. Compliance with the standards is necessary to obtain a business license. Business licenses are valid from April 1 to March 31.

If you are a business operator (e.g. kayak guide, boating guide, marine wildlife operator, surfing instructor, hiking guide, or transportation provider) and would like to apply for a license, or would like any further information, please call us at 250-726-3500, or email us: pc.pacrim.info.pc@canada.ca.

Licensed commercial operators

Licensed operators offer a variety of expeditions, tours, and transportation options in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Only operators who are licensed by the National Park Reserve may operate within the park.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve’s business licensing process ensures that minimum safety standards are met for all businesses that operate within the park. However, service standards may vary from business to business. You are encouraged to discuss your expectations with any potential operator prior to confirming your trip plans.

If you have any questions as to whether a business is authorized to operate in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, please contact us.

For a current list of approved licensed operators, please click here or contact our office: pc.pacrim.info.pc@canada.ca.