BEAR IN AREA WARNING - Thrasher Bay to Access A

Issued: August 20, 2022

Ends: October 08, 2022

WHY: To reduce the probability of negative human-bear encounters.


Stay safe and avoid a bear encounter by:
• Hiking in a group, and making noise.

• Do not leave food or garbage unattended.
• Staying alert and watching for signs such as tracks and droppings.


Keep children close at all times

If you encounter a bear, remember:
• Stay calm. Give the bear space. Do not make eye contact. Back away slowly and talk in a calm voice.

•DO NOT get in between a sow (mother bear) and her cubs (young). Any time a cub is observed, assume the sow is close by.

• DO NOT drop objects, clothing or food to distract the bear, as this will reward the bear for its behavior.



Start date: 2022-08-20
End date: Until further notice


Report all bear sightings and encounters to Park Dispatch (250-726-3604), Park Staff, Trail Guardians, Ferry Operators, or Lighthouse Keepers as soon as possible.