Information Bulletin - King Tides

Issued: December 31, 2021

Ends: January 05, 2022

The region will be experiencing extreme high tides during mid-day throughout the January 1st to 5th period. Maximum high tide will be 4.1 meters (13.5') taking place mid-day on Sunday and Monday.

Additional factors contributing to coastal flooding includes; High winds, large waves and storm surges. When combined these events can create coastal flooding causing beaches to flood, and drift logs to float and roll.

1)         Plan your seashore activities according to the tides. Be aware and watch the rising tide along your route to ensure that you can safely return the way you came. Keep track of time.

2)         Respect the ocean’s power and stay off the beaches and drift logs if the tide or swell is high.

3)         Never turn your back to the ocean and maintain an appropriate level of situational awareness - leave space and time to react to sudden water surges.

4)         Observe the conditions closely before you step out onto the beach.

5)         Consult a tide table, the swell forecast, and the park’s Important Bulletins before your shoreline activities.

 For more information on how to safely enjoy the national park reserve and other coastal areas visit