On January 19th 2017, following a structural engineer's assessment Parks Canada was notified that the pedestrian access ramp leading to the Radium Hot Springs aquacourt facility was at risk of catastrophic failure. This notification was sudden and unexpected. The ramp was immediately closed to ensure the safety of all visitors.

We recognize the impact this closure has had on long time and new visitors and appreciate your patience as we continue working to restore permanent barrier free access to this historic facility as quickly as possible.

Construction of the replacement ramp on the west side of the facility, a new ramp at the front of the facility and front entry bridge are on hold for the winter and will resume in the spring of 2018. A temporary pedestrian access ramp will be installed to provide disabled access to the facility and will remain in place until construction is complete. The temporary ramp opened on December 15, 2017.

Spanning a distance of 52.2 m and accounting for a 2.8 m elevation change, the task of permanently replacing the pedestrian access ramp shares many of the same complexities and challenges as building a bridge.

Parks Canada remains committed to completing construction and fully restoring disabled access to Radium Hot Springs as quickly as possible. Parks Canada staff have continued to investigate possible solutions to restore disabled access since January 2017. The addition of a temporary ramp was not previously an option due to construction in the small parking lot on the southbound side of Hwy 93 South. 

Individuals with annual passes who have been unable to enter Radium Hot Springs since January may contact the site manager for Radium Hot Springs, and request that their annual pass be extended for the time that the ramp was closed.