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There is no cell service in Kootenay National Park. An emergency telephone is available at Kootenay Crossing and clearly marked on highway signage.

Parks Canada’s federal infrastructure investment program

Parks Canada’s federal infrastructure investment program

Since 2015, the Government of Canada has invested more than $3 billion to rehabilitate infrastructure assets in national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada. This historic investment is the largest federal infrastructure plan in the history of Parks Canada.

Through infrastructure investments, Parks Canada is protecting and conserving national treasures, while supporting local economies and contributing to growth in the tourism sector. Investments in heritage, visitor, waterway, and highway infrastructure ensure safe, high-quality and meaningful experiences for visitors, enabling Canadians to discover nature and connect with history.

Ecological integrity is Parks Canada’s first priority. Impact assessments are used to manage the impact of infrastructure projects, and when possible, increase ecological gains for park ecosystems.

Construction projects in the mountain national parks

This is not an exhaustive list of infrastructure projects underway. Only projects that may impact visitors are listed. Please check Drive BC for current road conditions before you travel. The safety of motorists and workers is Parks Canada’s top priority. Please respect traffic control personnel and reduced speed zones to help keep workers and motorists safe.

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Infrastructure project - Construction

Infrastructure project - Closure

Highway 93 South

Check Drive BC for current highway information.
Vermilion Pass brake check

Vermilion Pass brake check

Rehabilitation work at the Vermilion Pass brake, 6 km from Castle Junction, will continue in 2021 to improve motorist safety.

When: April to July 2021
Visitor impacts: None
Traffic: Expect speed reductions and occasional delays of up to 20 minutes.

Slope remediation

Slope remediation

Slope remediation work will take place near Stanley Glacier day use area, 12 km from Castle Junction.

When: May to July 2021
Visitor impacts: None
Traffic: Expect speed reductions, occasional lane reductions and delays up to 20 minutes in peak periods.


Construction in Sinclair Canyon

Kootenay West Gate

Kootenay West Gate

The visitor gate for Kootenay National Park will be moved from its current location north of the Village of Radium Hot Springs to a new location north of the Radium Hot Pools. The gate will be located off the highway. Construction of the new gate is underway.

When: January until July 2021
Visitor Impacts: None
Traffic: Expect speed reductions and occasional delays of up to 20 minutes for moving equipment.

Chip seal surfacing

Chip seal surfacing

Chip seal surfacing will take place between the Kootenay National Park west boundary and Kootenay Valley Viewpoint.

When: June to September 2021
Visitor Impacts: None
Traffic: Expect speed reductions, sections of single lane alternating traffic and delays up to 20 minutes in peak periods.

Construction at Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs grand opening ceremony as seen from the original parking lot. / Radium Hot Springs grand opening ceremony as seen from deck level.

Radium Hot Springs is open. 

The hot springs operate on a first come, first served basis. Reservations to soak in Radium Hot Springs are neither required, nor available. To make the most of your visit, please come prepared for the following:

  • Reduced hours to allow for additional cleaning by staff;
  • Limited capacity to allow for physical distancing. This may result in delays entering;
  • Increased safety protocols in place, including mask use being strongly recommended indoors, hand sanitizing stations, Plexiglas barriers and signage to help visitors move safely through the building.
  • Towels and swimsuits are not available to rent.

For hours, fees and more information, visit, read our FAQ or call 1-800-767-1611.

The Radium Hot Springs Aquacourt is a federally designated heritage building. Constructed between 1949 and 1951, the Radium Hot Springs pools facility was the first major post Second World War building project in Canada’s western national parks.

What is happening?

Since 2016, Parks Canada has invested over $9.5 million dollars to restore and improve the Radium Hot Springs pools for current and future generations of visitors to enjoy. This investment has included five multi-staged projects that focused on repairing the facility’s structure. This work is the single largest investment into the facility since it opened in 1951.

Why is this work important?

Radium Hot Springs welcomes over half of all visitors to Kootenay National Park annually. As Parks Canada celebrates the 100th anniversary of Kootenay’s establishment in 2020, the Radium Hot Springs pools are recognized as a favorite stopping point for past, present and future visitors.

Parks Canada was able to able to continue construction throughout the extended COVID-19 closure and reopened on September 18.

Combined with recently completed structural and mechanical work, these projects: 

  • Ensure the safety of staff and visitors.
  • Ensure the facility is structurally sound, and meets current building codes and health and safety requirements.
  • Improve accessibility to the facility by replacing the ramp from the small parking lot and adding a second ramp from the loading zone at the front of the building.
  • Reduce the facility’s environmental footprint by using excess geothermal heat from the hot springs to heat the facility and melt snow off ramps and pathways.
  • Improve habitat for Rubber Boas, a snake species of special concern. 
  • Protect a federally designated heritage building (and pool facilities) for future generations of Canadians to enjoy.
New projects

Café and gift shop concession

Anyone interested in operating the food and beverage and gift shop concession at the Radium Hot Springs pools facility may contact the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs at:

Completed projects
Men’s and women’s change rooms
  • Replaced the flooring, ceilings and lighting in both change rooms.
  • Installed new tiles and fixtures in the men’s and women’s showers.
  • Replaced the benches, cubical partitions, sinks and counter surfaces in the women’s change room.
  • Repainted both change rooms.
A before and after photo of renovations to a pool locker room
A before and after photo of renovations to a pool locker room
A before and after photo of renovations to a pool locker room
Roof top patio
  • Replaced sundeck and pool level roofs
  • Repaired water damage and fixed existing leaks
  • Installed new pavers and safety railings

Roof top deck under construction at Radium Hot Springs. / New roof top deck at Radium Hot Springs.

Restaurant and gift shop renovation
  • Renovated diner space
  • Replaced all mechanical, electrical systems and fire protection systems
  • Created a new floor plan for the space

Beginning of renovation on restaurant and gift shop. Restaurant and gift shop mid-way through renovation. Completed restaurant and gift shop renovation at Radium Hot Springs.

Mechanical and electrical system upgrades
Basement following renovation.
  • Replaced out-dated and inefficient mechanical and electrical components in the main building and swimming pools with new energy efficient technology
  • Upgraded geothermal building heating and domestic hot water systems
  • Replaced all water pipes and valves
  • Replaced emergency power generator
  • Replaced the de-chlorination system
  • Improved fire sprinkler system coverage

Pedestrian access ramp from small parking lot to the pools facility

  • Replaced 31-year-old ramp with a new ramp spanning more than 50 metres with a 2.8 m elevation change 
  • Installed enhanced snowmelt system to improve winter accessibility

Main pedestrian bridge, walkway structural repairs and grounds improvement

  • Replaced the 70-year-old north entrance pedestrian bridge
  • Structural repairs to the retaining wall above the shallow soaking pool (“hot pool”)
  • Constructed second pedestrian access ramp
  • Installed enhanced snowmelt system to improve winter accessibility
  • Landscaping, sightline and outdoor lighting improvements


For more information: 

Amy Krause
Public Relations and Communications Officer