When our research and monitoring work identifies damaged or altered ecosystems, we look for ways to fix the problem. Our restoration projects aim to conserve the full range of plants and animals normally found in the park. Diversity helps keep park ecosystems healthy and resilient.

Grassland and open forest

Along the southern border of Kootenay National Park lies an area of strikingly beautiful grasslands and open forest. It’s hard to imagine now, but prior to 2001 a dark forest of tightly-packed Douglas-fir trees and moss grew here. Long-term restoration projects are ensuring this increasingly rare ecosystem isn’t lost again.

Featured ecosystem: Grassland and open forest

The grasslands and open forest in southern Kootenay National Park are home to bighorn sheep, cougars and the occasional badger. Check out some amazing photos of these and other animals as you learn more about what makes this ecosystem special.

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