April 21, 2020 is Kootenay National Park’s 100th birthday. Throughout the year, Parks Canada is commemorating the park’s creation and reflecting on its past, present and future. We want you to join us!

There are many different ways to celebrate. Explore the links below for a full list of centennial events and activities. Choose your favourite, participate in all of them or create your own. Share your centennial experiences and stories with us and with others over social media using the hashtag #kootenay100

You can drive, sightsee, hike, camp or soak in the hot springs to discover what makes Kootenay National Park so special. Watch for bighorn sheep in the grasslands near Radium Hot Springs. Join a Burgess Shale hike to learn about some of the world’s oldest and best preserved fossils. Explore deep, narrow canyons. Witness how wildfires can improve forest health. Together, these natural wonders make Kootenay part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Moving forward, Parks Canada is working to restore park ecosystems and keep them healthy for the next 100 years. We all have a role to play. What will you do to help protect the park for future generations?

A historic day

On April 21, 1920, the Government of Canada agreed to build a road connecting the Bow and Columbia valleys. As part of the agreement, eight kilometres of land on either side of the road was set aside for protection. Kootenay National Park was born!

When the highway first opened, it took a full day to drive through the park. The gravel road had many bumps, steep hills and sharp turns. Over time, the highway was paved and improved. Today, the drive can be completed in just over an hour.

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