Coronavirus (COVID-19): Gwaii Haanas will gradually re-open for visitors welcoming Haida Gwaii locals starting June 7 and off-island visitors starting July 1.

How to Pronounce Gwaii Haanas in Xaayda Kil
This translates to Islands of Beauty

Gwaii Haanas is situated in the southern islands of Haida Gwaii, approximately 100 kilometres off the northern British Columbia coast. The park reserve itself has no roads and is accessible only by boat or seaplane. Most visitors – both independent travellers and people on guided tours – use communities on nearby Graham and Moresby Islands as a starting point. All visits to Gwaii Haanas require trip permits, with excursions lasting anywhere from a day to a week or more.

Gwaii Haanas Trip Planner

Dreaming of a trip to Gwaii Haanas? Our Trip Planner lays out the steps for planning the trip of a lifetime; from arriving on Haida Gwaii to determining what type of Gwaii Haanas experience is right for you.  This document will have the answers to many of your questions as you plan your visit to Gwaii Haanas.

Download the Trip Planner now (PDF, 3.2MB)

Gwaii Haanas Before You Go Guide

Are you visiting Gwaii Haanas on your own boat or kayak? The ‘Before You Go’ Guide will lead you through the process of preparing for a safe and memorable trip. From checklists, to packing lists, to nautical mile charts this guide is a must-read for independent visitors to Gwaii Haanas.

Download the guide now (PDF, 3.45MB)

Gwaii Haanas Visitor Guide

Bring the Visitor Guide with you on your self-guided trip to refer to for safety, regulations, and visiting guidelines. Read beforehand to better understand the area you will be travelling to and how to keep yourself, others, wildlife, and the many cultural features of the area, safe. A paper copy of our Visitor Guide will be provided to your before you start your adventure.

Download the Visitor Guide now (PDF, 7MB)

Gwaii Haanas User Map

Download the User Map now (PNG, 4MB)

Getting here


Gwaii Haanas Office
60 Second Beach Road, Skidegate (Haida Heritage Centre)
PO Box 37
Queen Charlotte BC V0T 1S0

Gwaii Haanas can only be reached by sea or by air. Generally, small craft travel the inside waters of Carmichael Passage and Dana Passage from Moresby Camp to Gwaii Haanas. It takes about two days, weather permitting, to travel by kayak from Moresby Camp to the northern border of Gwaii Haanas. A popular alternative is transportation by a licensed tour operator.


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