Lutea Lake
© Parks Canada / B. Wojtaszek

Over 1400 streams and 500 lakes or ponds are found in Gwaii Haanas, connecting our ecosystems from the mountaintops to the sea. These comprise 1.3 % of the Gwaii Haanas terrestrial area.

© Parks Canada / B. Wojtaszek

Gwaii Haanas’ wetlands host a wider diversity of plants than those found in the forest; some of these are unique to Haida Gwaii, and many have cultural importance to the Haida.

These plants are also vulnerable to deer browse and to other invasive plants and animals.

The Freshwater/Wetlands ecosystem makes up 1.3 % of Gwaii Haanas’s total land area.

Western toads breeding
© Parks Canada / B. Wojtaszek

Gwaii Haanas monitors wetland vegetation, breeding activity of Western Toads (a species at risk) and the presence of non-native amphibians. The extent of these wetland areas is also mapped.