The eagle at the top of the pole and sculpin at the bottom represent the agreement between the Government of Canada and the Council of the Haida Nation to protect Gwaii Haanas from sea floor to mountain top.


EAGLE represents the sky and, along with Raven, is one of the two Haida moieties.

3 Watchmen 

3 WATCHMEN honour all those watching over Gwaii Haanas, past and present.

Dog, Marten and Visitor 

DOG represents recent archaeological findings that indicate human presence on Haida Gwaii as early as 14,000 years ago. MARTEN (centre) runs up the post holding Haida Gwaii, creating the sound before a big earthquake. VISITOR represents people who come and experience Gwaii Haanas.


WASCO is a supernatural being described as a sea wolf.

Sacred One Standing and Moving 

SACRED ONE STANDING AND MOVING is a supernatural being who holds up Haida Gwaii. When he moves the islands shake.


RAVEN is one of two Haida moieties, and creates balance with eagle at the top.

5 Good People Standing Together 

5 GOOD PEOPLE STANDING TOGETHER honours those who stood the line at Athlii Gwaii, and all the others who worked together to protect Gwaii Haanas.

Grizzly Bear and Sculpin 

GRIZZLY BEAR ties ancient oral stories with recent archaeological findings that grizzly bears once existed on Haida Gwaii. SCULPIN represents the watery extreme of the sea.