Natural and supernatural in equal turns, Gwaii Haanas is a uniquely untouched ecological paradise off Canada’s West Coast with an indigenous history stretching back 12 millennia. Kayak along shorelines teeming with sea stars, walk amid towering, century-old totem poles and soak up the moss-shrouded magic of 1,884 islands and islets you’ll have nearly to yourself. Activities range from one-day guided boat trips to extended boating or kayaking adventures.


  • Camping

    There is nothing like arriving at a place and feeling pure serenity. That’s what camping in Gwaii Haanas is like.

  • Haida Gwaii Watchmen

    Explore historic Haida village sites with century-old carved poles and longhouse remains. The Haida Gwaii Watchmen welcome visitors and act as guardians.

  • Marine mammal watching

    Twenty species of whales and dolphins have been recorded in Gwaii Haanas.

  • The Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole

    Stop at Windy Bay to see the 42-foot monumental cedar Legacy Pole carved by Jaalen Edenshaw. The figures in his design illustrate the connections between land, sea, and people.

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