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A photo story

Unhealthy Garry Oak islet

unhealthy Garry oak Islet

In 2008, restoration work began on Eagle Islet, in Sidney Lagoon. Introduced European fallow deer and Canada geese had grazed and trampled the little islet down to bare dirt.

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Deer keep out!

keeping out deer

First, a fence was installed around the entire islet, to keep out the hyper-abundant fallow deer from nearby Sidney Island.

Just the facts

vegetation sampling plots

To track changes over time, staff monitor permanent vegetation sampling plots. They also take photos in the same places every year.

Healthy Garry Oak islet

healthy Garry oak Islet

With the fence keeping out the deer, native wildflowers burst into spring colour, including camas, chocolate lily and western buttercup.

Unfortunate side effect

invasive plants

Exotic invasive plants have also made a come-back. To keep them in check, park staff remove Scotch broom, bull thistle, sow thistle, burr chervil and Himalayan blackberry.

Healthy and whole

threatened Garry oak islets

Lessons learned in the ongoing restoration of Eagle Islet help us to protect other threatened Garry oak islets in the park, such as Brackman Island where thirteen rare plant species have been identified.

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