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A photo story

fish nursery © S. Jeffrey

A fish nursery

Eelgrass grows in shallow bays. Young fish hide in the eelgrass to avoid getting eaten.


Baby’s first check-up

Each summer, park staff goes to the same bays in the park reserve. Once there, we cast our net three times to catch young fish.

catch and release

Catch and release

We immediately put the fish into buckets of cold water. Our goal is to give them a quick check-up and then return them safely to the ocean.

Shiner perch

Who are you?

We identify and count each fish, up to 6,000 in a season. Shiner perch like these ones are the most common fish we catch.


Long or short?

We measure and weigh types of fish that we don’t have enough information on yet. Here’s a young salmon.

Eelgrass monitoring

Our commitment: to protect

Pacific Rim and Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserves also monitor eelgrass fish. Over many years, our combined data reveals trends in the ocean’s health and guides management decisions.
Learn more: Gulf Islands National Park Reserve - Eelgrass Monitoring Factsheet (PDF, 643 KB)