More than 500 plant and animal species are at risk in Canada (according to the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) and more than 11,000 throughout the world. Those numbers are rising every day.

Learn about the actions we take in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve to save plants and animals from extinction. Discover ways that you can pitch in. 

Why we help

Helping a plant or animal in trouble is a lot like helping a friend with a problem. First you have to figure out what happened. There’s rarely just one cause, often there are many interrelated reasons. Next you need to act to fix the problem. Almost always, the best approach deals with the big picture.

In Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, when we work on the recovery of a species, we consider the individual species in relation to its entire ecosystem. Often when we improve an ecosystem, we help several plant and animal species at once. 

Most importantly, you must care. Without caring, you won’t be motivated to take action. Learn about some of the species at risk in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. They need friends like you to help them survive.

Species at Risk in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Learn more about our multi-species action plan for Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada