Prohibited activity: Belle Chain Islets and surroundings area

Issued: May 01, 2014

Issued 2014-05-01 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Time 15:01:17

Prohibited Activity Order

Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, the following activities are hereby prohibited by order of the Superintendent, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada:

Location: Belle Chain Islets and surrounding area

Other than for park management purposes or by written authorization from the Superintendent:

• All vessels (including human, wind and motor powered vessels) are prohibited from approaching closer than 25 m to the following areas, except with due regard to the observance of good seamanship:

- Belle Chain Islets (including Anniversary Island)

• All persons and vessels are prohibited from going ashore on the following areas:

- Belle Chain Islets (including Anniversary Island)

- Georgeson Island

- Samuel Islet, located due NW of Grainger Point, Samuel Island, at approximately 48°50.1’ N, 123°14.1’ W.

Note: Little Samuel Island (Lot 65, located off the NE facing shore of Samuel Island, at approximately 48°49.8’ N, 123°12.7’ W) is accessible as a day-use area; however no overnight camping is permitted.

The purpose of this order is to prevent the disturbance of marine mammal haul-outs and resting, nesting and feeding areas for resident and migratory birds, as well as to protect designated special preservation areas due to their ecological and / or cultural sensitivity.

Contravention of this order may result in fines or court prosecution under regulations pursuant to the Canada National Parks Act.

Effective Date: 1 May 2014

Jim GREENFIELD, Acting Superintendent, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve