The results are in. An inventory of all the glaciers in Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks was completed in 2011. The following is an exerpt from the Executive Summary:

Results showed a reduction in glacier cover in the two parks by 19.4 km2 between 2000-2011 or a 12.7% decrease from the calculated 2000 total area (152.71 km2 ), which includes 147 glacier masses. This equates to a reduction in the overall glacier coverage in the parks over the same period from 9.5% to 8.3%. The annual rate of loss was higher from 2000-06 than 2006-2011, perhaps as a result of cooler summers and greater snow cover observed in the second half of the decade (see also fig. 5). The annual average change from 2000-2011 (1.16%) is higher than the annual change calculated for the parks (0.70%) and the region (0.72%) in the western Canada inventory 1986-2006, suggesting an increased rate of glacier retreat in the new millennium.

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The Illecillewaet Glacier
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