Dog entry prohibited - Connaught Creek

Issued: July 26, 2017

Pursuant to Section 7 of the Canada National Parks Act General Regulations, entry into, or travel within, with a dog is hereby designated as a prohibited activity within the Connaught Creek drainage in Glacier National Park of Canada.


This prohibited activity order is in place to protect the watershed which supplies drinking water to Glacier National Park.  The following areas are closed to dogs:

  • Connaught Creek from the Balu Pass Trailheads to Balu Pass;
  • All slopes in Bruins Pass, Ursus Minor Bowl, Grizzly Bowl and shoulder; and
  • All slopes of Cheops Mountain draining into Connaught Creek.

This prohibited activity order is in effect until further notice.

For further information please contact the Parks Canada Revelstoke Administration Office (250-837-7500).