Here are some tips and ideas to help you make the most of your visit to Waterton Lakes National Park in 2018.

Visit the Bison Paddock overlook

A view of the fire-affected landscape from the Bison Paddock overlook

Drive to the Bison Paddock overlook, walk up to the viewing area and be captivated by the vista of the rough fescue prairies, Waterton valley and mountains. See how the Kenow Wildfire has changed the landscape.

Hike the Bertha Trail

See how the Kenow Wildfire has changed the landscape on the Bertha trail

Hike the Bertha Falls / Bertha Lake trail and experience the effects of the 2017 Kenow Wildfire on the landscape. Discover the processes of ecological renewal and change.

Attend one of our special events

The Blackfoot Arts and Heritage Festival is an annual event in Waterton

Parks Canada will host a number of special events and festivals in Waterton Lakes National Park this summer. Check out our events schedule for 2018.

Catch one of our interpretive programs

Our team of Parks Canada interpreters will provide a variety of entertaining and educational programs this summer

Join the Parks Canada interpreters for a variety of guided hikes, fun family activities and drop-in theatre programs. Our interpretive programs run daily throughout July and August.

Get out on the water

What better way to discover the park than by boat?

The park offers some excellent opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. Try kayaking on Lower Waterton Lake or Maskinonge on a hot, calm summer day. Remember to self-inspect your boat.

Drive the Chief Mountain Highway

The Chief Mountain Highway provides scenic views of the Waterton Valley

Drive the Chief Mountain Highway from the prairie, through the aspen forest to the overlook to witness the contrasts and diversity that make this place so special.

Go on a Maskinonge adventure

The Maskinonge is a great place to relax by the water

Enjoy a picnic and do some sightseeing at the Maskinonge - Waterton's largest and most noticeable wetlands area. Spot as many plants, birds and animals as you can. You may be lucky enough to hear the booming call of the Sand Hill Crane, or witness an osprey fishing!

Enjoy Waterton village

The vibrant community of Waterton

Stay on the beaten path and explore the vibrant community of Waterton - there's lots going on! It offers a variety of services, accommodations, dining opportunities, shops and attractions.

Explore the park with your bike

Riding the Kootenai Brown Trail is a great way to explore Waterton Lakes National Park

Cycling offers a special way to experience Waterton Lakes National Park. Ride 6.9 kilometres of paved trail that spans from the Entrance Gate to Linnet Lake. The Kootenai Brown Trail, named after the first park official, features breathtaking landscapes and a variety of rest spots along the way.

Plan the perfect picnic

There are several great locations to choose from to enjoy a picnic in Waterton

Let nature design your dining space. Sit in the quiet shade of a cottonwood tree at Linnet Lake picnic area, or enjoy the tranquility of the Maskinonge day-use area.


Learn something new and make a difference by volunteering

Get up close and personal with Waterton Lakes National Park by volunteering. We have lots of volunteer events, like the Knapweed Rodeo. Help us wrangle this Waterton weed!

Visit the Peace Park Plaza

The Peace Park Plaza offers spectacular views of Upper Waterton Lake

Visitors can enjoy the Peace Park Plaza's new pathways, exhibits and interpretive nodes and take in the scenery of Upper Waterton Lake from the Red Chairs. The Peace Park Plaza celebrates Waterton Lakes and Glacier national parks' designation as the world's first international peace park.