Weddings and other events

Waterton Lakes National Park offers spectacular scenery for gatherings such as weddings and family reunions. Small gatherings of about 25 people can be considered for public areas of the park such as picnic areas, along the lake and other day-use areas.

There are special considerations associated with conducting small public gatherings within the national park boundaries.

Note that weddings are permitted on the green lawn across the road from Cameron Falls, and not on the bridges and platforms of the Falls.

At Cameron Lake and Red Rock Canyon, gatherings are strongly discouraged at peak days and times of the year, typically Canada Day through Labour Day, especially from 10 am to 3 pm. This is to prevent conflicts between your gathering and other park visitors. You are more than welcome to go to these locations for pictures.

Please download, complete and submit the Small Public Gatherings Application Form (PDF, 198 KB) to to have your gathering reviewed by Parks Canada staff.

For information on hosting other types of events such as fundraisers, races, concerts or shows, please contact

Small public gathering conditions for Waterton Lakes National Park

The organizers of small public gatherings must be aware that the agreement to hold these functions is a privilege. The function must comply with National Park regulations at all times. In addition, the function is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Maximum recommended group size is 25 people
  • Each participant must possess a valid National Parks Pass.
  • The park is a public place; therefore, there are no exclusive rights to an area. Areas cannot be cordoned off for personal use.
  • Participants are required to comply with National Park Regulations at all times.
  • There must be compliance with the Gaming and Liquor Control Act of Alberta, which prohibits open alcohol in public places.
  • Throwing rice, confetti or flower petals is not permitted. A thorough cleanup of the site immediately after the function is required.
  • Car pooling or group transportation is encouraged to limit vehicular traffic.
  • Gas-powered generators, P.A systems, excessive noise, unruly behavior or loud music are not permitted.
  • Fires are only allowed at locations where a stove or fire grate is provided. You need to supply your own firewood. Firewood is available for purchase at several stores in the community.
  • Groups using picnic shelters should be aware that day use areas close at 2300 hours.
  • The organizer accepts full responsibility for any incidents, and/or costs of clean up or site rehabilitation resulting from the function.
  • The organizer should have a copy of the Parks Canada approved Small Public Gathering Form during the function.