Project status

Updated June 2018.

Highway 5 and Highway 6

Highways 5 and 6 have been rehabilitated to address ongoing deterioration and increase safety through resurfacing, guardrail replacement and drainage improvements. Finished

Red Rock Parkway

The Red Rock Parkway has had its pavement resurfaced, undersized culverts replaced and the lower parking lot rebuilt.

Closed to all vehicular traffic. Open to non-motorized use (walking, biking etc.) to Bellevue trailhead. Being assessed following the Kenow Wildfire.

Boundary fence

The boundary fence on the east side of the park (for 42 kilometers) is being replaced, and the boundary right-of-way re-established.

Akamina Parkway

The Akamina Parkway will have its entire length resurfaced, future flood mitigations installed, guardrails replaced and heavily-congested trailheads reconfigured.

Closed. Being assessed following the Kenow Wildfire.

Cameron Lake Day-Use Area

The Cameron Lake Day-Use Area has all-new facilities including shelter, interpretation, docks, washrooms and parking.

Closed because of the Kenow Wildfire.

Townsite Campground washrooms

Four new washroom buildings have replaced existing ones, which were in poor condition. Finished

Townsite garbage bins and pads

Townsite garbage bins and pads have been replaced.

Belly River crossing

A redesigned crossing provides reliable access to the group camp area by increasing the culvert size to eliminate ongoing washouts. Finished

Bison-handling facility

The deteriorating facility has been replaced to improve safety for Parks Canada staff and herd of plains bison.

Parks Canada relocated the bison herd before the Kenow Wildfire reached Waterton Lakes National Park to keep the animals safe. The bison handling facilities in Waterton sustained some damage (burned wooden planks) and the grassland in the Bison Paddock burned. We are assessing how to fix the handling facility and are planning to eventually bring the bison back. It is too early to provide a time frame on the return of the bison as this depends on the natural recovery of the native grassland that make up their habitat.

Cameron Bay and Cameron Falls washrooms

The Cameron Bay and Cameron Falls washrooms have been redesigned and refurbished. Finished

Staff housing

Staff housing has been built to replace the aging bunk-house units. Finished

Visitor Centre

new visitor centre will be built to provide welcome, orientation, reception and interpretation services all in one building.

Compound redevelopment

Parks Canada's aging and inadequate work facilities and infrastructure will be replaced.

Peace Park Pavilion / Marina Seawall

The Peace Park Pavilion is being redesigned and rebuilt with enhanced visitor opportunities to celebrate Waterton's place (with Glacier National Park in the U.S.) as the world’s first International Peace Park.

Townsite grounds infrastructure

This project includes improving parking and way-finding, restoring vegetation and making lighting 'dark sky' compliant.

Townsite Campground

The Townsite Campground will have failing water and sewer infrastructure replaced. New service lines to campsites and electrical upgrades to approximately 50 per cent of the campground will be installed. Work to begin in the fall of 2018.

Townsite water and sewer

On some streets, these lines are being upgraded, pavement replaced and new sidewalks built.

Bar U Ranch historic buildings

Four historical buildings will be refurbished and preserved at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site. Work on the Machine Shed and Slaughter House is near complete. Development of a rehabilitation and construction plan for the Workhorse Barn is in its final stages and studies continue on moving the Bunkhouse/Self Feeder back onto site.