The following projects have been completed in Waterton Lakes National Park as part of two infrastructure programs:

The Federal Infrastructure Investment (FII) program represents a $3 billion, five-year investment to support infrastructure improvements within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada. This investment supports conservation and promotes safe and accessible visitor experiences.

The Road to Recovery (R2R) program provides funds for assessing, repairing and rebuilding assets damaged in Waterton Lakes National Park’s 2017 Kenow Wildfire.

Find out what has been completed under these programs:


Akamina Parkway (R2R)

The parkway is now safe for vehicles and reopened in October 2020, following repaving the road surface, improving parking areas, rock scaling, and installing new guardrails and new culverts.

Akamina Parkway, Crandell Mountain
Akamina Parkway opened to vehicles October 1, 2020
Akamina Parkway culvert
Several new culverts were built along the parkway

Red Rock Parkway (FII 2017, R2R 2020)

Red Rock Parkway reopened to vehicles in 2020, following rock scaling, installing a rock-fall fence, new guardrails and road signage.

Work on the Red Rock Parkway in 2017 included pavement resurfacing, replacing culverts and rebuilding the lower Red Rock Canyon lot to optimize parking space. 

Red Rock Parkway 2017
Red Rock Parkway opened to vehicles for Canada Day 2020
Red Rock Parkway 2020
A freshly paved Red Rock Parkway with its signature wildflowers (2017)

Townsite infrastructure (FII)

Waterton Townsite’s roadways, parking, landscaping and utility infrastructure received extensive upgrades between 2015 and 2020. This included:

  • New pavement and some new sidewalks on Bertha Lane and Trailhead parking lot, Cameron Falls Drive, Clematis Avenue, Evergreen Avenue, Fountain Avenue, Mount View Road, Vimy Avenue and portions of Windflower Avenue and Waterton Avenue, along with other alleys and lane-ways.
  • Expanded and resurfaced parking lots and street parking in the Waterton townsite. Upon completion of the Visitor Centre, a total of 177 new parking stalls will have been added in town.
  • Extensive utility replacement throughout the townsite, ensuring safe and reliable services for residents and visitors.
  • Installation of dark sky-friendly street lighting
Mount View Road
A freshly-paved Mount View Road
Evergreen Avenue
Evergreen Avenue with paving complete

Townsite Campground (FII; phase 1 2019, phase 2 2020)

Extensive utility and surface upgrades were completed in the Townsite Campground from 2018 to 2020. Work on Loops B and H was completed in 2019, while work on the loops east of Cameron Creek was completed in 2020. This work added utility hookups to more sites, concrete pads, new trees and utility lines throughout the campground.

Townsite Campground Loop B
Townsite Campground loops B and H opened in late 2019
Townsite Campground Loop A
Sites in Loop A, ready to welcome campers

Bear's Hump trail (R2R)

Bear’s Hump trail has been rehabilitated with a new surface. The trail reopened to the public in July 2020 after damage as a result of the 2017 Kenow Wildfire.

Bear's Hump trail
Bear's Hump trail's wooden steps were replaced with stone
Bear's Hump
Views from the top are as magnificent as ever!

Cameron Falls area (R2R)

New fencing, improved trails and viewpoints on both sides of the falls, and new sidewalks and fencing at the base area provide a safe and accessible visitor experience.

Cameron Falls
New sidewalks and fencing at the base area
Carthew Alderson trail
New fencing and an improved trail surface on the Carthew-Alderson trail

Alpine Stables (R2R)

Alpine Stables has resumed operations. Construction on new residences, barn and stable facilities is now complete.

Alpine Stables
Alpine Stables’ barn is ready to welcome visitors
Alpine stables residence
One of the new residences at Alpine Stables

Marina Washroom

This washroom, located in the marina parking lot, is the park’s first inclusive washroom facility, featuring open common areas and private stalls.

Marina washroom exterior
The washroom is located in the marina parking lot
Marina washroom interior
This inclusive washroom has open common areas and private stalls


Blakiston Falls viewing platforms and trails (FII 2017, R2R 2019)

The Blakiston Falls trail and viewing platforms have been rebuilt and are now open to visitors.

The Blakiston Falls trail leading to the platforms
View of the boardwalk from the viewing platforms

Peace Park Plaza / Marina Seawall and Parking Lot (FII)

The Peace Park Plaza has been redesigned and rebuilt with enhanced visitor opportunities to celebrate the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park World Heritage Site as the world’s first International Peace Park

Entrance to the Peace Park Plaza
Waterton marina and the Peace Park Plaza in fall

Community Kitchen washroom relocation

This washroom was relocated from the site of the new Visitor Centre to the Community Kitchen along Waterton Avenue.

Washroom building being moved from the playground to the Community Kitchen site
Washroom successfully relocated to its new location

Staff Housing (FII)

Staff housing has been built in the Waterton townsite to replace the aging bunkhouse units, formerly located at the Parks Canada compound.

Staff housing building on Clematis Avenue
Staff housing on Windflower Avenue


Townsite campground, Cameron Bay and Cameron Falls washrooms (FII)

Four washroom buildings were completed in the Townsite campground, replacing ones in poor condition. The Cameron Bay and Cameron Falls washrooms have been redesigned and refurbished.

New washroom in the Townsite Campground
Cameron Bay washroom

Townsite garbage bins and pads (FII)

New garbage bins and pads have been installed throughout the townsite.

Pouring a concrete pad outside the fire hall
New garbage and recycling bins at the marina parking lot

Highway 5 and Highway 6 (FII)

Highways 5 and 6 have been rehabilitated to ensure longevity and increase safety through resurfacing, guardrail replacement and drainage improvements.

Chief Mountain Highway
Highway 5 and Highway 6 intersection

Belly River crossing (FII)

A redesigned stream crossing provides reliable access to the group camp area by increasing the culvert size to eliminate washouts.

Newly completed culvert and crossing in fall 2016
Water flowing through culvert on a rainy day

Cameron Lake Day Use Area (FII)

The Cameron Lake Day Use Area has new visitor facilities including shelter, interpretation, docks, washrooms and parking.

Visitor facilities at Cameron Lake Day Use Area
Interpretive display at Cameron Lake