Waterton Lakes National Park is a different place than it was before; however, the change that the Kenow fire has brought is not new to the landscape.  

Waterton National Park has seen wildfires in the past and the ecosystem will recover.  While the types of vegetation that return will be different and change over time, grass will grow, trees will sprout and the wildlife will roam again.   

Already, the grass is showing signs of new growth as the solar radiation is absorbed by the blackened surface and by spring 2018, ungulates and other animals will have early green shoots in these areas to graze on.

Work is already underway to assess the effects of the fire on infrastructure including trails and campgrounds and begin restoration.  

As the park rebuilds, areas and facilities will reopen as soon as it is safe for the public. This process may take some time and the patience and co-operation of the public is greatly appreciated.  

This gallery shows some of the landscape and infrastructure impacts and the resiliency of wildlife.