Parks Canada’s national fire management program has been actively preparing for wildfire in all our National Parks that have fire-dependent ecosystems. 

Part of this preparation includes studying the local terrain, vegetation and weather and how those factors influence fire behaviour.

Parks Canada fire management personnel assess assets and infrastructure that require protection from fire and create evacuation plans for backcountry and frontcountry campers, as well as the Waterton townsite. 

Another part of preparedness is ensuring that the community was prepared through activities such as removing excess vegetation from around buildings, creating vegetation fuel breaks around strategic areas of the park and helping fire personnel and park management determine how to protect critical infrastructure and a historic site, like the Prince of Wales hotel. Above all else, preparedness activities laid out a plan on how to protect the lives of visitors, residents, employees and firefighters. 

This gallery shows some of the preparedness work that protected Waterton townsite, and some of the early development of the Kenow Fire.