Waterton Lakes National Park visitor centre construction

Following four years of planning, public engagement, engineering and design work, and environmental assessment, Parks Canada is pleased to announce that construction of Waterton Lakes National Park’s new visitor centre is underway. This project is one of the most significant investments in visitor facilities in Waterton Lakes National Park in the past 50 years.

Once complete, this landmark project will serve as the park’s primary visitor-oriented facility. The visitor centre will offer modern interpretive exhibits and educational programming, as well as a full range of visitor information services. It will welcome Canadians and visitors from around the world, providing them with opportunities to learn about the park’s environmental and cultural significance, including the area’s importance to local Indigenous communities.

Interpretive elements will also be incorporated into the visitor centre’s outdoor plaza, which will serve as a meeting place in the community. In addition, a new nature-based playground will provide a place for play and learning for families with children.

The visitor centre is an investment in the future of Waterton Lakes National Park and will serve the park and its visitors for decades to come. The visitor centre is scheduled to open to the public in spring 2021.

Interpretive design

Work continues on the visitor centre’s interpretive design using the theme of Convergence: “a meeting place”.

This theme highlights what makes Waterton so unique and includes programming and information that will encourage visitors to experience local Indigenous culture, history, and their connection to this special place.

Interpretive elements are being designed with input from local Blackfoot communities, which have been actively involved in the project. Indigenous stories, songs, graphics, symbols and exhibits are being incorporated into the visitor centre.

More information on the visitor centre’s interpretive design can be found here: Interpretive exhibit

Construction impacts and mitigations

For further information on construction impacts and mitigations, visit the Infrastructure projects page.