To obtain a permit you must complete a self-inspection form

A self-inspection permit is required to launch any human-powered and some wind-powered watercraft in Waterton Lakes National Park. This includes:

  • canoes
  • kayaks
  • paddle boards
  • windsurfers
  • kite boards
  • row boats
  • inflatable watercraft
  • fish equipment (nets, waders, poles)
  • scuba gear
  • water toys, inflatables and personal floatation devices (PFDs)

To obtain a permit you must complete a self-inspection form, which will act as a permit. Watercraft users must ensure their permits are available for examination.

Parks Canada is using the self-inspection permit as a method to collect data and inform visitors on how to reduce the risk of spreading invasive mussels. Roving staff will answer questions and ensure visitors understand the inspection process.

The permit is a legal requirement and Park Wardens will be checking that visitors completed the self-inspection and will take appropriate action as necessary.

Permit forms are available at the park gate, visitor centre, campgrounds and self-inspection stations throughout the park at popular boat launching areas.

  • Cameron Bay
  • Emerald Bay day-use area
  • Windsurfer Beach
  • Maskinonge
  • Knight's Lake
  • Hay Barn day-use area
  • Waterton Bridge
  • Community Kitchen parking
  • Cameron Lake
  • Linnet Lake
  • Driftwood Beach
  • Waterton Marina
  • Belly River Campground
  • Belly River Bridge

Under the Canada National Parks Act the maximum penalty for a launching a prohibited boat in the park is $25,000.