The bears are up!

Spring is finally here ... and that means it is bear season in Waterton.

After a long winter, bears have emerged lean from hibernation onto a lean landscape.

There is still a lot of snow at high elevations, so bears are congregating in the valley bottoms to find early green-up. Grizzly bears may also head to sunny, exposed avalanche slopes to dig for roots and bulbs.

If they are lucky, bears may find carcasses of winter-killed animals which are a critical springtime energy boost, especially for a female nursing her cubs. This is also the time of year that males seek out available mates, often travelling great distances to do so.

Before heading out in the park this season, it is a good idea to review the key points to staying safe in bear country. See Safe Travel in Bear Country for more information.

Grizzly Bear
A grizzy bear captured by one of our remote cameras © Parks Canada

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Remember, bears are found throughout the park. You may encounter a bear anytime, anywhere. The more you know about bear ecology and behaviour, and how to act in the event of a bear encounter, the safer you will be.

Please check Warnings and Closures before you hit the trail.

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