WARNING: Bear in Area - Crandell Lake Trail and Campground

Issued: August 05, 2022

Ends: August 18, 2022

Special caution is recommended while travelling or camping in this area due to the following:

WHAT: Caution – bear in the area.

Crandell Lake Campground
Crandell Lake Trail

WHY: A bear has obtained human food. The bear has not been aggressive, but has approached people and attempted to obtain food.

For this reason we advise:
 - Do not approach the bear.
- Carry bear spray and know how to use it.
- Hike out all garbage.
- Never leave coolers, food, garbage, dishes and pots, bottles and cans, pet food and bowls unattended at your campsite.
- Keep your dog on a leash, or preferably leave it at home.
- If the bear approaches, make noise, pick up all backpacks, ready your deterrent and leave the area.

Report all bear (carnivore) sightings to 1-888- 927-3367 or Notify Parks Canada Staff.