2022 reservations for Townsite Campground are now available
You can reserve sites on-line or by telephone at 1-877-RESERVE (1-877-737-3783).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts

Waterton Lakes National Park is offering limited camping services. The camping experience in the park will be different than previous years. Visitors will have access to the following services and facilities:

Townsite Campground
  • Reservations for Townsite Campground are now open.
Backcountry (wilderness) camping
  • A backcountry use permit is required for overnight stays in the backcountry
  • Reservations for backcountry camping are available by calling the Visitor Centre at 403-859-5133
Camping is not available at Crandell Mountain campground
  • Crandell Mountain Campground is closed due to damage sustained in the Kenow Wildfire
Belly River Campground
  • Important Bulletin: Please be advised Parks Canada has issued a temporary Area Closure for the Belly River Campground
  • Group camping is available by reservation only
  • First come, first served, self registration sites are available May 13 to September 12, 2022
Winter camping
  • Pass Creek Day Use Area is now closed for winter camping. Winter camping is typically between November 1 and April 1.

Visit the Waterton Lakes National Park COVID-19 page for updates on other park facilities and services.

Book a campsite

2022 reservations for Townsite Campground are now available.

General information

Some useful information about camping in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Where to camp

Townsite Campground

Location: Located in the south end of Waterton townsite at the end of Windflower Avenue (towards Upper Waterton Lake).

This sunny, open campground offers 237 sites (94 of which are fully serviced pull-throughs, and 46 back-in electrical).

An excellent place for RVs or for those who wish to be within walking distance of Upper Waterton Lake, Cameron Falls and townsite amenities, the area is in high demand in July and August and on long weekends.

Reservations are advisable if you want to be sure of a site.

What's included?

Townsite Campground includes:

  • Information
  • Washrooms (flush toilets)
  • Hot showers
  • Accessible facilities
  • Kitchen shelters with wood burning stoves
  • Trailer sanitation depot
  • Recycling facilities
  • Food storage facilities
  • Parking
  • Walking/hiking trails
  • Interpretive theatre
Townsite Campground: general information
Important notices
  • Campsites do not have fire pits.
  • All vehicles must fit on the gravel pad or park in a nearby parking lot, as we do not allow parking on the grass.
  • On some sites, there are size restrictions on camping units (including tents) allowed on those sites. 
  • Full service sites are pull-through sites.
  • Electrical sites are back-in only.
  • Walk-in tent sites only allow one tent per site.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am
  • No washroom facilities are available in winter months.
General campground information

Operating season (nights): Campground open April 1 – October 10, 2022 (weather permitting).

Reservable period (nights): May 5 to September 7, 2022.

Kiosk hours: 8 am to 9 pm

After-hours registration: After hours, please refer to signage in kiosk window. Locate confirmation # and proceed to designated campsite. You must register in the morning at the kiosk by 11 am

Check-in time: Any time after 2 pm

  • Visitors who would like to arrive at the campground earlier may enjoy the rest of the park while waiting for their campsite to become available (a valid national park entry pass is required).

Check-out time: Before 11 am

Quiet hours: 10 pm to 7 am

Maximum length of stay: 14 nights.

Maximum persons per site: 6 people.

Maximum vehicles per site:

  • Two vehicles: maximum one wheeled camping unit and one regular vehicle. We do not permit two wheeled camping units on the same campsite.
  • All vehicles and camping unit must fit on the gravel or pavement pad, or park in alternate location nearby.

Maximum camping units per site: Two tents or one RV/camper and one tent. However, some sites may be restricted in size of camping unit, including tents. Some sites are tent only.

Generator policy: Generator use is limited to 7 am to 9 am, 11 am to 1 pm, and 5 pm to 7 pm.

Amperage of power service:

  • A section (full service section) has 15, 30 and 50 amp service.
  • B section (full service section) has 15, 30 and 50 amp service.
  • C section (full service section) has 15, 30 and 50 amp service.
  • D section (full service section) has 15, 30 and 50 amp service.
  • G section (electrical only section) has 15, 30 and 50 amp service.

Fire policy:

  • Campfires allowed in shared kitchen shelters only - there are no fire pits on the individual campsites.
  • Firewood is available for sale in the town of Waterton.

Alcohol ban: None.

Pet policies: Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. They must not be left unattended. Please keep all pet food stored inside. See Bare Campsite Program for more information.

Campground location

Townsite Campground is located in the south end of Waterton Townsite at the end of Windflower Avenue (towards Upper Waterton Lake).

Townsite Campground GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 49.048746.
Longitude: -113.909336.
Street address: # 200 Vimy Avenue.

Campground description

Townsite Campground: (237 sites)

  • Electricity, water and sewer without firepit (drive-through): 110 sites
  • Electrical only, without fire pit (back-in): 75 sites 
  • Unserviced without fire pit (tent-only): 17 sites
  • Unserviced without fire pit (walk-in, tent-only): 30 sites
  • Accessible full serviced sites: 4 
  • Accessible electrical-only sites: 2
  • Fires only in common kitchen shelters.
  • Sunny and open, few trees.
  • Washrooms with hot/cold running water, showers and flush toilets.
  • Communal water taps and dump station are available
  • The walk-in campsites are located in the H section of the campground and are approximately a 5-10m (16-65 ft) walk from the parking area.
  • Access to nearby hiking paths.
Internet / Wi-Fi access

Free Wi-Fi is provided by the Waterton Community Broadband Network (WCBN) in the Waterton community. Enhanced Wi-Fi for streaming is available for a fee. If you have any questions or concerns you can email at info@wcbn.ca. Most restaurants and hotels in the Waterton village offer Wi-Fi access.


For information regarding camping fees for Waterton Lakes National Park, please see our Fees page.

If there is no vacancy for your dates

In Waterton Lakes National Park, there are two non-reservable campgrounds, which operate on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Crandell Mountain Campground (129 sites – all unserviced). Located on Red Rock Parkway, 12 km from the Waterton community.

    Closed due to extensive infrastructure damage from the Kenow Wildfire.

  • Belly River Campground (24 sites – primitive sites, unserviced, outhouses). Located on Chief Mountain Highway, 26 km from the Waterton community.

    Closed until further notice.

There are several privately-operated campgrounds near the park. Visit the Waterton Chamber of Commerce website for more information.

Additional information

Campground Reservation Service

To reserve your spot visit the Parks Canada Reservation Service website or call 1-877-RESERVE (1-877-737-3783).

General park information

Phone: 403-859-5133.

Email: waterton.info@pc.gc.ca

For information and reservations specifically for backcountry camping

Phone: 1-403-859-5133. Sites can be reserved up to 90 days in advance all year.

For information and reservations specifically for group camping (group = registered non-profit groups)

Belly River Group Campground (2 sites: primitive sites, unserviced, outhouses, no potable water). Located on Chief Mountain Highway, 26 km from the Waterton community. Group = minimum 25 persons.

Phone: 403-859-5109

Terms and definitions

Site specific

Guests select the specific campsite or accommodation when they make their reservation.

Operating season (nights)

The "operating season" is the nights that the campground is open. Sometimes the campgrounds are open for longer than the period for which they accept reservations. Any dates of the "operating season" outside the "reservable period" are dates that the campground operates on a first come, first served basis only.

Reservable period (nights)

Period in which the campground accepts reservations. Note that many campgrounds may be open longer than this, and would operate outside of these dates on a first-come, first-served basis.


The administration/entrance booth of a particular campground, this is where you “check-in” and register your arrival.


Car, truck, motorcycle, truck-camper, motor home or recreational vehicle. A motor home pulling another vehicle would count as two vehicles.

Camping unit

Tent, tent-trailer, truck-camper, trailer, 5th wheel, motor home or recreational vehicle.

Serviced site

Refers to a campsite offering electrical, water, and/or sewer hook-ups directly on the campsite.

  • Fully-serviced sites offer electrical, potable water and sewer hook-ups.
  • Unserviced sites do not offer these hook-ups.

The terms serviced and unserviced refer to the individual campsites; they do not refer to the washroom facilities or other amenities available at the campground.

Drive-through site

Campsite where the driver does not have to reverse their vehicle to exit (there is a separate entrance and exit to the individual campsite). Ideal for larger vehicles and trailers.

Walk-in site

Campsite which requires some degree of walking to access the site, and therefore requires a tent. Vehicle will be parked a short distance away.

Overflow site

Overflow campsites vary from park to park, and may range from a paved area to park a camping unit (not generally suitable for tents) to a more traditional, grassy site. They are unserviced and are not reservable.

Accessible site

A campsite which is accessible to guests with limited mobility.

Fire pit

A designated structure for campfires located on a campsite. Check availability, as not all campsites offer a fire pit. In some cases, only communal fire pits are available, and access is shared with other guests.

Fire permit

In some campgrounds, guests will require a valid fire permit to have a campfire. A fire permit may include firewood. Please refer to the ‘Fire policy’ section of the QRT for individual campground policies.


In some campgrounds firewood is sold by the bundle, whereas in others a fire permit may give the holder access to the campground wood.

First-come, first-served site

Campsites that are available on a first come, first served basis only. These sites are only available to guests who are physically located at the campground. These sites cannot be registered over the telephone or online. These campsites may be available for only one night or for multiple nights depending on availability.

Shoulder season

While many campgrounds remain open outside of their peak season, the services offered during this period may be limited (please check with the park for more details).

Entrance pass

A valid National Park Entrance Pass is required for all visitors to the park.

Daily entrance pass

A daily Entrance Pass permits visitors unlimited entry to the specified park on a per day basis for the period of time indicated.

Annual/seasonal entrance pass

An annual or seasonal Entrance Pass pass permits visitors unlimited entry to the park for the period of time indicated.

Parks Canada Discovery Pass

The Parks Canada Discovery Pass permits visitors unlimited entry to the participating Parks Canada national parks and national historic sites across Canada, for a period of 12 months.


All sites at Townsite Campground are reservable. High demand sites and times may require a reservation. Please refer to our reservations page.

Things to keep in mind


  • Bears and other wildlife live in the area, and are attracted to food odours. Place garbage in bins, and avoid cooking inside tents and tent trailers. All food supplies, including coolers, must be stored in your vehicles or in food storage lockers located throughout the campground.
  • Columbian ground squirrels, native to Waterton, prefer areas with short, mowed grass. As such, their numbers in this campground are higher than normal. When walking in the campground, watch your step around ground squirrel burrows and mounds, especially at night. Use a flashlight.


  • Dogs can cause stress for wildlife as they may be seen as a threat. Off-leash dogs can trigger aggressive behaviour from wildlife such as deer and bears. Although deer in the Waterton townsite look cute and harmless, they can be aggressive, particularly the females (does) during the fawning season (June and early July). When you see a deer, retreat from the area. To prevent unsafe situations, dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times.


  • Watch for strong winds and quickly changing weather.

Explore using Google Street View

Belly River Campground

Location: Located along the Chief Mountain Highway, 26 km from Waterton townsite and 5 km from the Chief Mountain border crossing.

This self-registration, primitive campground offers 24 unserviced sites, available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

It sits in a pleasant area of mixed aspen forest, right beside the Belly River, and is favoured by those campers wanting a more secluded experience.

Foxes, bears and deer are common through the area.

What's included?

Belly River Campground includes:

  • Kitchen shelter
  • Food storage facilities
  • Flush and dry toilets
  • Picnic tables
  • Communal area
  • Parking
  • Fire rings and firewood (fire permit required)
  • Grey water disposal
Belly River Campground: general information
  • One non-transferable camping permit will be issued per campsite, per party (maximum 6 persons). Campers must be present with their camping units to register. Campers need both a camping permit and a park pass.
  • Each campsite may contain up to two camping units, as long as one is a tent.
  • Do not park in roadways or on undergrowth. Tents must be located on the tent pad.
  • Share common kitchen shelters located throughout the campground. Never store food or equipment in these buildings. Pets are not permitted in the shelters. Alcohol may be consumed on your campsite only. Refrain from using kitchen shelters during quiet hours.
  • Individual food storage bins are located at each site. Do not leave any items in these bins when checking out.
  • Checkout or re-registration time is 11 am. Maximum length of stay is 14 nights.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am.
  • Generator use is limited to: 7 am to 9 am, 11 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 7pm.
  • No visitors are permitted after 10 pm.
  • Excessive noise and rowdiness is not permitted at anytime.
  • Display your camping permit and fire permit in a visible location, such as the dashboard of your vehicle, or on the post at your site.
  • Fires are permitted only in designated stoves or fire pits. Cutting live or dead standing trees and gathering deadfall is not allowed.
  • Firewood is available near the campground entrance. A fire permit is required for each night you have a fire.
  • Remove your camping permit from the site post when checking out of the campground.
Things to keep in mind


  • There is no potable water available at Belly River Campground. Visitors are required to bring their own water or filtering systems.


  • Bears and other wildlife live in the area, commonly wander through the campground, and are attracted to food odours. Please keep a clean campsite and place garbage in the bins located near the kitchen shelters. All food supplies, including coolers, must be stored in your vehicles or in food storage lockers on your site.


  • Dogs can cause stress for wildlife as they may be seen as a threat. Off-leash dogs can trigger aggressive behaviour from wildlife such as deer and bears. To prevent unsafe situations, dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. Please clean up after your pet and don't leave their food outside to attract wildlife.

Explore using Google Street View

Crandell Mountain Campground (closed)

Crandell Mountain Campground remains closed due to extensive damage from the 2017 Kenow Wildfire. See Infrastructure projects for updates.

Campground host program

People from around the world visit Waterton Lakes National Park to relax, experience the great outdoors and learn about our natural heritage. You can join them by volunteering as a host at one of our campgrounds.

Campground hosts greet visitors and provide them with information. They volunteer for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week (including weekends). In return, hosts have free entry to the park for a year, a free campsite while they volunteer, a site tour and many other benefits.

You must volunteer for a minimum of two weeks and provide your own self-contained camping unit (RV, truck camper or tent trailer). Contact us for more information on this program.

Currently, the campground host program is only available at Belly River Campground.

Private accommodation

For information on private accommodation in and around the park, visit Waterton Lakes Chamber of Commerce.