With extraordinary natural charms packed in to a compact space, Waterton Lakes National Park offers plenty to keep visitors busy. Sightsee on the park's scenic roadways, and keep an eye out for abundant wildlife. Explore natural attractions, from a vivid red canyon to mist-cloaked waterfalls. Or check out the postcard-perfect community of Waterton, with great day hiking, a historic 1927 hotel and a range of water activities.


  • Wildlife watching

    Wildlife are often visible in Waterton Lakes National Park, and can be watched from a safe distance.

  • Hiking trails

    From easy strolls to strenuous wilderness hikes, there are 200 kilometres (120 miles) of hiking trails to explore.

  • Red Chairs

    We have four sets of red chairs in scenic locations throughout Waterton Lakes National Park.

  • Photography

    Waterton Lakes National Park is a photographer's paradise. Just about any location in the park offers fantastic opportunities for the photo enthusiast.

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