Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts

What's closed

  • Athabasca Day Use area
  • All rental venues are closed for booking
    • For cancellation of 2020 events, please send your request to Full refunds will be issued even if cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to your event. Refunds may take several weeks to be processed
  • Reservations for 2021 have been postponed

Visit the Jasper National Park COVID-19 page for updates on park services and sites.

Jasper National Park offers a spectacular setting for wedding ceremonies and/or photo sessions. There is no formal approval process or permission required to hold a wedding ceremony at a public area in the park.

There is, however, a need for the park to manage its day-use areas and prevent user conflicts. Persons interested in holding a ceremony in the park are requested to comply with the following guidelines.

  • There must be compliance with National Park regulations at all times.
  • It is recommended that the maximum number of guests attending the ceremony not exceed 25 people.
  • At no time does an event have exclusive rights to an area. The function must not displace regular visitors' enjoyment of the park and its facilities. Day-use areas should only be used for the ceremony. Extended stays or receptions are not appropriate.
  • Participants and guests require a valid National Parks Pass.
  • There must not be any significant impact on the park's natural and cultural resources. Do not pick the flowers, please stay on pathways and do not set up shelters or chairs in the area. (A few folding chairs for the elderly or infirm are allowed.)
  • The event must comply with the Gaming and Liquor Control Act of Alberta. No liquor is permitted in public areas.
  • A thorough cleanup of the site immediately after the event must be done. Organizers accept full responsibility for any incidents, and/or costs of clean up or site rehabilitation resulting from the event. Nothing shall be thrown/scattered: no confetti, rice, flower petals, no butterflies or balloons released.
  • Decorated cars are discouraged. Decorations blow off and litter our roadways.
  • Day-use areas are closed after dusk.
  • The person responsible for the event will attempt to keep vehicular traffic to a minimum. Car pooling or group transportation is preferable.
  • No gas-powered generators are allowed.
  • No excessive noise, horn honking, loud music or P.A. systems are permitted.
  • If you hire the services of a professional photographer, he/she is required to have a valid business license with the park. This can be obtained through the Parks Canada Realty department at: or 780-852-6114.

Parks Canada does not keep track of weddings in the park, however, local marriage commissioners can advise you of when other weddings are scheduled for the more popular day-use areas. For their contact information please visit the Service Alberta website. For any additional wedding services available in Jasper, please visit Tourism Jasper website