Parks Canada is committed to maximizing accessibility so that all visitors have the opportunity to enjoy Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. Jasper National Park provides public buildings, campgrounds, washrooms, viewpoints and trails that are open and accessible to all members of the public. The following is a listing of Jasper National Park services and facilities available to visitors using wheelchairs, mobility aids or strollers.

TTY is available by calling 1-888-773-8888




The summer months in Jasper National Park are very busy. If you wish to camp in one our main campgrounds, reservations are recommended. 1-977-RESERVE (737-3783) or

Whistlers Campground offers one oTENTik, two tent sites and two RV sites that are wheelchair-friendly, along with an accessible washroom / shower building. Whistlers outdoor theatre features interpretive programs and shows with designated wheelchair seating.

Wapiti Campground is open in winter, and offers two tent sites and two RV sites that are wheelchair-friendly, and an accessible washroom / shower building.

Wabasso Campground offers two wheelchair-friendly sites and accessible washroom buildings. 


Wilcox Campground and the Icefield RV lot are non-reservable, self-registration camping opportunities with wheelchair-friendly sites and dry toilets.


Three canoe/kayak-in campgrounds on Maligne Lake offer assisted wheelchair-friendly camping. There are some challenges, so it is recommended to have someone present to assist. A backcountry permit is required.

  1. Hidden Cove is a short 3.5 km down the lake and located in a sheltered cove.
  2. Fishermans’ Bay is 13 km from the boat dock and located on the east side of the lake.
  3. Coronet Creek is 21.3 km from the boat dock on the southern end of Maligne Lake. 
Highway 16 East and Miette Valley

The Palisades Picnic Site (Highway 16 East, 12.5 km from the Town of Jasper) 

This accessible picnic site offers dry toilets and a prescribed fire themed interpretive panel.

Jasper House Trail (stroller-friendly)

This 700-m trail takes visitors to a valley-bottom viewpoint overlooking the Athabasca River toward the historic Jasper House National Historic Site on the other side.

Pocahontas Coal Mine Trail (wheelchair-friendly)

The first stop on the Miette Hotspring Road is the old town and coal mining site of Pocahontas. An 800-meter loop through the lower ruins is paved, wide, and most of its slopes not strenuous for wheelchair users (slopes up to 8%). The asphalt path is rough in spots.

Punchbowl Falls

A short, wheelchair-friendly path takes visitors to a wooden bridge providing views of Mountain Creek and the punchbowl-shaped hollow at the base of its falls.

Miette Hot Springs Currently closed

Pool: One of the hot pools is outfitted with a wheelchair ramp and a railing, and a pool-friendly wheelchair is available for use.

Washrooms, showers and change rooms: Wheelchair-accessible washrooms, change rooms and showers are available inside the Miette Hot Springs facility. A wheelchair-accessible washroom can also be found on the outside of the building for visitors not using the pools.

Parking: There is a drop-off area at facility entrance, and designated wheelchair parking.

Picnic site: Shaded, wheelchair-friendly picnic sites with fire boxes and dry toilets are available nearby.

Trail (stroller-friendly): The 700-meter one-way Source of the Springs Trail is mostly paved but steep in sections. The trail finishes on a boardwalk which is ribbed on the inclines, and ends where sulphurous water runs out of the rock.

Highway 93A

Mount Edith Cavell

Nothing can prepare you for the awesome size and sheerness of the mountain’s north face as seen from the parking area. The summit elevation is impressive at 3363 metres, but it’s the size of the cliff (1300 m) and its close proximity that make this place unforgettable. There are no wheelchair-accessible washroom at this day-use area.

Trail (stroller-friendly): The paved Path of the Glacier Trail climbs steeply from the parking lot then levels out along 800 m to provide stunning views of Mount Edith Cavell, Angel Glacier and its melt-water lake below.

Otto’s Cache Picnic Site

An accessible shelter provides a good rainy-day picnic stop. Note: there is a slight lip to access the dry toilet.

Meeting of the Waters Picnic Site

This gorgeous location, where the Whirlpool and Athabasca rivers meet, provides a great, wheelchair-accessible picnic location with dry toilets.

Icefields Parkway

Athabasca Falls (stroller-friendly)

A paved path provides a beautiful view of Mt. Kerkeslin and the Athabasca River at the top of these thundering falls. You can feel their power even from here. The path to the falls upper viewpoint is steep and uneven, and there is a short stairway to access the lower viewpoint. Highway 93A crosses the Athabasca River almost directly above Athabasca Falls, providing an accessible alternative vantage point.

Sunwapta Falls (stroller-friendly)

An asphalt path descends steeply to a foot bridge across the Sunwapta River, providing a great view of Sunwapta Falls and its limestone canyon.

Stutfield Glacier Viewpoint (wheelchair-friendly)

Ninety-four km south of the Town of Jasper, along the Icefields Parkway, is this stunning viewpoint of Stutfield Glacier across a subalpine valley and its braided streams. Wheelchair-accessible dry toilets are available.

Columbia Icefield Information Centre


  1. Designated parking and wheelchair access to the building is available by following the hotel / tour bus parking signs. This parking lot is located 600 m south of the turn-off for the main public parking lot. 
  2. Designated parking is also available in the main public parking lot. A paved path ascends to the building access. The path is less than a five percent slope, but is a considerable distance.

Assistance is recommended for most people using wheelchairs on this path.

Washroom: Accessible washrooms are available inside the Icefields Centre.

Parks Canada Information: Visit Parks Canada staff for area information and maps. There is a wheelchair-friendly counter.

Theatre: The 20-minute film “Through Ice and Time” tells a visually stunning story based around the dramatic landscapes of the Columbia Icefield. Wheelchair designated seating is located at the front of the theatre.

The Glacier Gallery and theatre are currently closed to help limit the spread of Covid-19. This closure aligns with the Province of Alberta’s provincial health regulations.

Jasper Townsite and Area

Jasper Information Centre (500 Connaught Drive)

Features wheelchair access into the building and a lowered information counter. Open year-round.

Parking: Designated accessible parking stalls are available in townsite parking lots and key locations on the downtown streets, including behind the Jasper Information Centre.

Townsite washrooms:

  1. An accessible washroom building on Connaught Drive, near the junction of Hazel Ave offers adjacent parking, sloped access, a Braille entrance sign, and a push-button door.
  2. A wheelchair accessible washroom building on Connaught drive across from the Information Centre offers adjacent parking, sloped access, and a push-button door.

Jasper Yellowhead Historical Museum

Wheelchair-accessible. Ramped access, a press-button door and elevators to accessible washrooms are offered.

Lake Annette / Lake Edith

Washrooms and change rooms: Wheelchair-accessible dry toilets and change rooms are available near the upper parking lot, with asphalt access from the parking lot and to the beach.

Picnic site: Wheelchair-accessible picnic shelters and picnic site with fire boxes are available.

Pathways: Wheelchair and stroller-friendly. The Lee Trail around the perimeter of Lake Annette is 2.4 km and features some slopes. It was newly widened and paved in 2016.

Pyramid / Patricia Lake

Washroom: Dry toilet at Pyramid Island

Pathways / Trails:

  1. Wheelchair friendly. Pyramid Island offers beautiful panoramic views from the middle of Pyramid Lake and is accessed by a ramped pathway and a wooden bridge. Note: there is a slight lip from the island path back onto the bridge.
  2. Stroller friendly. Cottonwood Slough Trail (6a) is stroller friendly for the first 400 m, and follows the perimeter of a wetland known for birds, beavers and moose.

Picnic site: Pyramid Island and Pyramid Beach offer beautiful, accessible picnic sites.

Beach: The main beach at Pyramid Lake offers beach access. Note: There is a small lip to access the dry toilet.

Old Fort Point / Lac Beauvert

Trail: The newly upgraded Trail 7 river trail provides a one kilometer wheelchair-friendly gravel surface along the Athabasca River. Start from the Old Fort Point parking lot or Lac Beauvert parking lot (designated parking) and incorporate Trail 7c and the Lac Beauvert Road for a 2.1-km loop.

Maligne Valley

Maligne Canyon

Parking: Designated wheelchair parking is available in the main lot.

Washrooms: Accessible washroom available at the Maligne Canyon Restaurant & Gift Shop.

Pathways: The asphalt path nearest the restaurant quickly leads to a great view of the Maligne River at the start of the gorge, along with some fossils in the rocks. Note: The path from the parking lot to the second bridge descends too steeply for most independent wheelchair users.

Medicine Lake

North viewpoint: This paved viewpoint of Medicine Lake and Maligne Valley features caribou-themed interpretive panels and is a great place to see the regeneration from the 2015 Excelsior Wildfire. Eagles often nest nearby until mid-August.

Bruce's Picnic Site (Km 36 on the Maligne Lake Road)

Washrooms: Accessible dry toilets

Picnic sites: Accessible picnic sites and fire pits are situated in an open area along the Maligne River.

Maligne Lake Day-Use Area

  1. Designated parking is available behind the Maligne Lake Day Lodge. Note: staff will need to be alerted to your arrival to raise the gate for you.
  2. Designated parking is also available in the main public parking lot nearest the Day Lodge. Note: The path between the parking lot and the Day Lodge is slightly uneven in spots.
  3. The parking lot at the end of the Maligne Road, across the Maligne River Bridge, contains one designated parking stall.

Washrooms: Accessible indoor washrooms are available at the Day Lodge. Accessible dry toilets can be found in the public parking lot nearest the Day Lodge.

Trail: The first 300 m of the Mary Shäffer Loop is wheelchair-accessible with gorgeous lake and mountain views.

Boat dock: The dock in the parking lot at the end of the Maligne Road is wheelchair-friendly and provides good access to day canoeing and backcountry canoe excursions on the lake.

Backcountry: Three backcountry campgrounds on Maligne Lake offer assisted wheelchair-friendly camping. There are some challenges, so it is recommended to have someone present to assist. A backcountry permit is required for overnight use.

  1. Hidden Cove is a short 3.5 km down the lake and located in a sheltered cove.
  2. Fishermans’ Bay is 13 km from the boat dock and located on the east side of the lake.
  3. Coronet Creek is 21.3 km from the boat dock on the southern end of Maligne Lake.