A fire ban is in effect in Jasper National Park due to elevated fire danger.

Please report any suspicious smoke or illegal campfires to Parks Canada Dispatch at 780-852-6155.

August 19, 2017 

At this time, there are no wildfires in Jasper National Park.

Smoke conditions over Jasper National Park are the result of wildfires burning in British Columbia (BC). These fires are west and south of Jasper.

A fire ban is in effect in Jasper National Park due to elevated fire danger. Lighting or maintaining fires in this area is now strictly prohibited. This fire ban covers the entire park including all frontcountry and backcountry campgrounds and day-use areas. A fire ban has also been issued for the Municipality of Jasper. For more information, visit our Important Bulletins.

An extended period of hot dry conditions has resulted in a higher than normal risk of wildfires in Jasper National Park. Parks Canada continues to monitor conditions with daily helicopter patrols to check for lightning strikes or ignition of fires. A local initial attack team is ready to respond in the event of a wildfire. 

For the current Jasper National Park fire danger rating click here. 

Parks Canada is a global leader in managing forest fires. Our first priority when managing a wildfire is to ensure the safety of the public and fire personnel, and the protection of property and cultural resources.

How to prepare for a wildfire

Here are some important resources to get you and your family ready in case of a community emergency:

Current wildfire and fire ban situation

Fire ban for Jasper National Park (July 18, 2017 until further notice)

Fire ban in the the Municipality of Jasper (July 18, 2017 until further notice)

Both provinces maintain special wildfire and fire ban information websites:


British Columbia

Air quality

Check the Public Weather Alerts for Jasper National Park.

Road conditions

The BC fires and smoke have impacted road conditions and travel corridors. It is always a good idea to prepare for travel by checking drivebc.ca and alberta511.ca before you head out.