Whistlers Campground is closed until further notice

Update on Whistlers Campground

Construction has started on the project that will ensure meaningful and high-quality experiences at the campground for people coming to Jasper National Park, while also contributing to growth in the tourism sector over the long-term.

To allow the work to take place in a safe, efficient and effective manner, Parks Canada would like to advise the public that the campground will remain closed for the 2020 operational season.

In order to provide ample time for the public to make alternative camping choices and the business community to plan their activities, Parks Canada announced back in 2016 that Whistlers Campground would be closed for the 2019 season. Parks Canada is again communicating as early as possible that the campground will remain closed in 2020 to provide as much certainty as possible for visitors, business and tourism industry.

Parks Canada understands the concerns and difficulties associated with this closure and is committed to providing visitors, the community and local businesses with timely updates as the project progresses. We appreciate your patience and understanding as this project moves forward.

Whistlers Campground is now an active construction site. Access is limited to PCL Construction Ltd. and authorized personnel. Parks Canada will provide updates on this project throughout the construction period. If you would like to receive updates, please subscribe to Jasper National Park’s mailing list.


Whistlers Campground, Jasper National Park’s largest campground with 781 campsites, was built in the 1960s and has not had any significant upgrades since that time. This landmark project of $48.7 million represents the most significant investment in visitor experience in Jasper National Park in the past 50 years. When reopened in 2021, the new Whistlers campground will have modernized campground infrastructure, high-quality visitor services and a vibrant visitor offer for Jasper National Park to host travelers from all across the world for the next 50 years.

The project

Improved arrival and registration services

The current registration kiosks see long vehicle line-ups and wait times as visitors arrive at the campground. A new registration centre and parking lot will be built to allow campers to park their vehicles and register within the welcome centre with 6 service desks, information displays and washrooms. This will result in reduced wait times and eliminate vehicle idling.

Existing kiosk


New registration building and parking lot


Improved campsites and roads

The current roadway system is beyond its life span, does not address the size of current RV’s, and does not support two-way traffic. Roads will be widened to accommodate two-way traffic with larger vehicles. A new road will create a second entrance into the campground for registered campers.

Campsites will also be levelled, delineated, and sized appropriately. Many of the existing electrical campsites will also be upgraded to 50 amp service.



New washroom and shower facilities

Currently, there are only two shower buildings located at one end of the campground. The 27 washroom and two shower buildings will be replaced with 17 new combined washroom and shower facilities placed throughout the campground. Campers will not have to walk more than 250 m to use a washroom or shower.

Existing washroom



Upgraded utilities

Utilities have reached the end of their design life. Underground utilities throughout the campground will be replaced. The number of 50 amp service sites will be increased and the water and sewer functions will be improved.

Tree removal

The removal of dead and dying trees will ensure a safe camping experience and play an important role in reducing the potential impacts of a wildfire. This tree removal component complements recent Fire Smart activities by Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper designed to reduce the potential impacts of a wildfire and to protect people and property.

Extensive replanting of tree and shrubs will occur in the campground once construction is complete. This initiative will be an enhancement of the existing Jasper National Park campground tree planting program.


Camping in Jasper National Park

Plan ahead - make a reservation before coming to Jasper National Park. Reservations can be made at reservation.parkscanada.gc.ca.

There are over 1,000 other front-country campsites in 10 campgrounds in Jasper National Park that will continue to be available for the camping season. In addition, there are 15 other campgrounds within a close proximity to Jasper National Park that offer a range of camping experiences.

Marmot Meadows Group Camp area will be closed while Whistlers Campground is reconstructed.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve Whistlers Campground. These improvements will ensure the quality and reliability of visitor infrastructure and continue to allow Canadians to connect with nature.