Whistlers Campground is reopening in summer 2021

Parks Canada is pleased to announce that the newly modernized Whistlers Campground will officially reopen to campers in summer 2021. The finishing touches are taking place this spring.

The launch day for reserving Whistlers Campground’s 781 sites on the Parks Canada Reservation Service will be available in June. Parks Canada will provide you with as much notice as possible prior to the Whistlers Campground reservation launch.

The campground now has a brand new registration centre, improved electrical and sanitation services, 18 new washroom and shower facilities, and all campsites have been levelled and restored with new picnic tables and fire pits. Plus, all roads will be repaved so potholes will be a thing of the past.

S’more campfires and s’more views!

Campers returning to Whistlers, Wapiti and Wabasso campgrounds will notice things look different this year.

Over the winter, Parks Canada staff were busy removing dead and dying trees within Jasper National Park’s campgrounds. This work protects campers and campground infrastructure from falling trees and helps to reduce the risk of wildfire in the area. It is just one of the ways that Parks Canada continues to manage the impact of mountain pine beetles in the forests of Jasper National Park. This year, we are able to repurpose some of this wood to supply campers with firewood for the 2021 camping season.

Your fire permit and firewood is now included in the cost of camping at all campgrounds in Jasper National Park, and even better views of the surrounding mountains are now visible from your favourite campsite!

The project

Whistlers Campground, Jasper National Park’s largest campground with 781 campsites, was built in the 1960s and has not had any significant upgrades since that time. This landmark project of $48.7 million represents the most significant investment in visitor experience in Jasper National Park in the past 50 years. When reopened in 2021, the new Whistlers campground will have modernized campground infrastructure, high-quality visitor services and a vibrant visitor offer for Jasper National Park to host travelers from all across the world for the next 50 years.

Visitors in summer 2021 will be greeted with a new registration centre, 18 new combined washroom and shower facilities throughout the campground, improved campsites, and wider roads for two-way traffic. Underground services have been replaced, including water, sewer and electrical systems and many of the existing electrical campsites have been upgraded to 50 Amp service.

Improved arrival and registration services

The new registration centre is nearly complete and washroom fixtures are now being installed. The new parking lot has been paved and lined. Parks Canada will begin testing utility systems once more indoor work is completed. In 2021, campers will park their vehicles and register at the welcome centre where Parks Canada staff will greet them from six service desks. The welcome centre will offer information displays and three all-gender accessible washrooms for new arrivals.

Improved campsites and roads

Campsites have been levelled and fixed up with new picnic tables and fire pits. It will be easier to get around the campground with a widened and paved 4.5 km perimeter road and improved loop roads complete with new wayfinding signs. More paving will take place in the spring of 2021. Underground utilities have been replaced, including water and electrical systems, and many of the existing electrical campsites have been upgraded to 50 Amp service. Sewer and waste management services have also been upgraded and improved.

New washroom and shower facilities

There are 18 new combined washroom and shower facilities placed throughout the campground so that campers will not have to walk more than 250 m to use a washroom or shower. All of these buildings include an accessible male and female multi-stall washroom, two individual shower rooms, and a barrier-free family washroom with shower. All 18 structures are nearly complete. Fixtures are now being installed and Parks Canada will soon begin testing water, waste, and electrical systems.

Camping in 2021

Thank you for your patience as we finish extensive work on the new and improved Whistlers Campground. These improvements will ensure that Parks Canada can offer a reliable and high quality camping experience for years to come and continue to encourage Canadians to connect with nature. An announcement will be made early in the new year to advise campers when reservations will be available on Parks Canada’s online reservation service reservation.pc.gc.ca.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve Whistlers Campground. These improvements will ensure the quality and reliability of visitor infrastructure and continue to allow Canadians to connect with nature. Parks Canada looks forward to celebrating the return to Whistlers Campground with you soon.

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