Parks Canada's goal is to allow people to enjoy national parks as special places without damaging their integrity. Conserving and restoring ecological integrity is our first priority in park management.

Ecological integrity is our endpoint for park management; ecosystem management is the process used to get there.

Species at risk

Some species have suffered significant declines in their numbers or distribution and are on the path toward local and, perhaps, global extinction. These species require immediate help while others need attention to ensure they don't start down this path.

Protecting species at risk is a priority in Canada's national parks

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Fire and vegetation management

For thousands of years, fire has been an integral part of Canada’s landscape. Here in the mountain national parks, it has played a significant and important role in shaping types of vegetation and wildlife species we have in the park.

While we continue to suppress threatening wildfires, we now work to reintroduce fire and its benefits to our landscapes.

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