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There is still time to give your input
Please email any comments to permis-permits@pc.gc.ca by March 31, 2019

Your town, your voice

Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper are working together to address the housing challenges in the townsite.

Parks Canada is reviewing four regulations under the Canada National Parks Act with the goal of modernizing our approach to planning and land use. This review includes the Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations – we want to hear what you think.

We want your input about:

  1. Options for updating Jasper’s zoning regulations.
  2. How to allow Accessory Dwelling Units in the Jasper townsite.
  3. How to mitigate the impact of Private Home Accomodations on the supply of Accessory Dwelling Units.

What should the new Regulations look like?


How do you feel about Accessory Dwelling Units in Jasper?

Accessory Dwelling Units: Secondary suites (in your home) and suites in detached buildings (garage and garden suites).


If we add more Accessory Dwelling Units how can we make sure they are used for rental housing, not Private Home Accommodations?


Do you live in the Compact Lot district?

Do you want to change the rules to allow owners the option to rent?