The PDAC is a public advisory committee that is appointed by Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper to advise the Park Superintendent on planning and development issues in Jasper National Park where regulations and policies permit the Superintendent to exercise discretionary decision making authority. The committee meets as required, and holds public hearings on development applications and appeals that are referred to it by Parks Canada.

A separate terms of reference is available for the committee.

Who is on the committee?

The committee is made up of five members of the public living in Jasper National Park who are not employees of the Municipality or Parks Canada. One member of the committee serves as the chair.

What types of issues will the committee review?

The committee will make recommendations on the following types of issues:

  • applications for discretionary land use
  • applications for variances from the development regulations
  • re-districting (re-zoning) of residential properties in the townsite
  • development permit appeals by applicants or other affected parties

In addition, the PDAC may act as an ad hoc advisory committee to the Superintendent on planning and development issues outside the town of Jasper.

Public hearing procedures

The agenda for all public hearings will be advertised a minimum of two weeks in advance. Lessees within 45m of the property in question will be notified of the hearing by regular mail.

Only issues placed on the agenda by Parks Canada will be considered at the hearing. The chair will introduce agenda items and Parks Canada staff will provide background information.

The chair will invite scheduled speakers, who have previously identified their support or opposition to the proposal, to present their information. Letters, either in support or opposition, will then be read out. Anonymous submissions are not accepted. Presentations are limited to five minutes.

After hearing all the presentations, the committee will deliberate in camera. Within seven days of the hearing, the committee will submit written recommendations to the Superintendent, who has the final say on all land use planning and development issues.

The applicant will be notified by Parks Canada of the decision within 15 working days of receiving the written committee recommendation. As well, the notice of decision will be posted in a public area.

Who can speak at a public hearing?

Anyone who feels they are affected by a development that is before the committee may request to speak at the public hearing. Presentations may be in person, or submitted by letter. All requests to present before the committee MUST be made through the Parks Canada Development Office prior to the meeting. Generally, the deadline for requesting to appear before the committee is the day prior to the meeting. No late submissions will be given consideration.

Restrictions on public presentations

Presentations to the committee are limited to planning and development related matters. The personal character of the applicant, or commercial competition, are not valid arguments. The committee evaluates each application on its own merit.


A decision on a development permit may be appealed to the committee by either the applicant, or anybody affected by the decision. An appellant must demonstrate that either the relevant development requirements were misinterpreted, that not all the relevant information was before the committee when they formulated their decision, or that the development review process was not followed.

An appeal of a development permit must be made in writing to the Development Office, and include the following information:

  • identification of the property, the application, and the decision being disputed
  • name and mailing address of the appellant
  • specific reasons for the appeal

After the appeal is submitted, the appellant and all relevant parties will be notified by regular mail of the time and location of the hearing to review their appeal. All materials submitted on an appeal form part of the public record.

Following a committee hearing, there is no further appeal mechanism except to seek legal recourse.

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This document has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect. It is meant solely to provide general information that may be of assistance to the developer. The development authority should always be contacted for accurate information

For more information, contact the Jasper National Park Development Office at (780) 852- 6123.

This document is published by Realty & Municipal Services, Jasper National Park as a public information service.
January 2006

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