What is eligible residency?

Residential leases in Jasper restrict occupancy to eligible residents as defined in national park regulations. The eligible residency provisions ensure that community lands are available exclusively for community use, rather than recreational or second home purposes.

Why have eligible residency?

To ensure that a broad supply of housing types are available for those who work and raise families in the community, all people living in national park communities must meet eligible residency requirements. This ensures that housing remains available for those whose primary objective is to live and work in the community.

Who is an eligible resident?

According to the National Parks Lease and License of Occupation Regulations , an eligible resident is anybody who meets any one of the following clauses:

  1. Someone whose primary employment is within the park
  2. Someone who operates a business in the park AND whose presence is needed for the day to day operations of that business.
  3. A retired individual who for five consecutive years immediately prior to retirement:
    a) was primarily employed within the park, OR
    b) operated a business in the park AND whose presence was needed for the day to day operations of that business
  4. Somebody who lived in the park at the time of their retirement, AND who was living in the park on July 30, 1981
  5. Someone who attends school full time at a registered educational institution in the park.
  6. An individual, or their descendants through blood or adoption, who leased public lands in Jasper prior to May 19, 1911.
  7. The spouse of anybody referred to above.

Some facts about eligible residency

  • You do not need to be an eligible resident to lease property in Jasper. Approximately 15% of all residential leases are held by people from outside the community. However, you do need to be an eligible resident to reside here.
  • Operation of either a Home Based business or Private Home Accommodation does not satisfy the requirements of eligible residency.


Eligible residency will be enforced by Parks Canada to ensure that those living in the community have an established need to reside here. Enforcement is accomplished by:

It is a criminal offense to make a false statutory declaration.


This document has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect. It is meant solely to provide general information that may be of assistance to the developer. The development authority should always be contacted for accurate information

For more information, contact the Jasper National Park Development Office at (780) 852- 6114.

This document is published by Realty & Municipal Services, Jasper National Park as a public information service.

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